The Mental and Physical Health Benefits of Having a Dog?

It is a known fact that dogs are indeed man’s best friend. They have all the qualities that describe a good companion: loyal, playful, curious, fearless, sociable, protective and bold. Not to mention their amazing hearts! No wonder humans have chosen dogs as their lifelong companions. Their impact in our lives is huge, and if you have a dog yourself, you would agree. There are many reasons as to why dogs are the best pets one can have. Not only do they have all the qualities of a great companion, they also make you feel less alone. They give the best cuddles- making you feel warm and cozy at night, and they will always make you feel missed and important, greeting you when you come home from a long day of work. Dogs are like stuffed animals that are truly there for you day and night. If you are looking for someone to cheer you up, a dog will give you joy! Many dog owners find so much happiness from caring for a dog. The longer you give them your love and attention, the more they give it back to you. If you are hesitant to get a dog, this article is for you. is here to give you all the reasons you should get a dog. Read more if you are interested.

The biggest pro of owning a pet dog is the physical and mental health benefits. Yes, caring for a dog may be hard and training them can take lots of your time and patience, but in the long run, the love of a furry friend will be all worth it. While training and caring for your dog can be time consuming, it can also benefit you in more ways than one. Here is a list of the many benefits of caring for a pet dog:

  • Consistency

Feeding a dog, potty training, and allotting play time consistently will help you in two aspects of your life: time management and sleep routine. Feeding and potty training go hand in hand. When you are training a puppy, you are most likely being woken up early in the morning. Sometimes, before your typical waking hours. This not only trains your dog to potty and eat at a specific time, but it also trains you, the owner, to sleep earlier, so that you can cater to your dog at an earlier time. Many dog owners become morning persons, which means you have so much more time to do more things. Not only do you try to manage your time wisely, but you also try to sleep at an earlier time to get more sleep during the night.

  • Physical Activities

As a dog owner, physical activities are important during the day. One thing to remember is that a lazy owner = a lazy dog. Luckily, dogs are physically active, so if you aren’t into physical activities or exercise, then a dog will definitely turn you into a more physically healthy lifestyle. More often than not, dog owners become physically active and allot time to do cardio with their dog. Cardio helps burn unwanted calories, speeds your metabolism, improves your body mass, and improves your heart. Owning a dog can kickstart your physical health journey for a stronger heart and lungs. How else are we supposed to care for our dogs.

  • Friendship

Taking your dogs out for a walk where there are a lot of people can help you gain friends. Dogs are people magnets, so it’s a great way to start a conversation with someone when they approach you. If you are struggling with making friends, or have social anxiety, your dog can be a way to calm you down, or to help you make life long friends.

  • Special Needs

Many dogs are owned by those who suffer from mental health illnesses. These dogs are called therapy dogs. People who have ADHD for example, benefit from having dogs because it helps with routine building. Caring for a dog means having a daily routine, and it is a great way to exercise your time management if you suffer from hyperactive ADHD. Another example are people with autism. Dogs can practice social skills and confidence because dogs, although cannot understand us, need a sense of communication.

  • Loneliness

Feeling lonely doesn’t feel right sometimes, when you have a dog, you will never feel alone. They are always by your side and will continue to give you the companionship that you need 24/7. If you are someone who is grieving the loss of somebody, the presence of a dog might be helpful for you.

  • Physical Touch

If your love language is physical touch, and you are lacking in that department, a dog might just be the answer to your prayers. Dogs need love, attention, and most importantly- cuddles! They are the best cuddlers and provide so much warmth. You can get hugs all day whenever you want!

  • Less Anxiety

Dogs can feel a human’s emotions. They can easily sense when you are feeling anxious or sad. They have a way of empathizing with their owner and find ways to comfort them. Dogs live in the moment, which means it is less likely that they think about the past. Their mindfulness can help you appreciate the little things in life that you tend to lose touch of when you are feeling anxious.

  • Staying Connected

When you’re an adult, it is so easy to socially climb your way to happiness. In most cases, people who suffer from this tend to lose touch of reality. Having a pet dog can take you away from that because they help you live in the moment.

There are more mental and physical health benefits when caring for a dog. We may not realize it, but dogs have more positive benefits than negative. Sure, it can take time and a little bit of patience to train them, but once you connect with your furry friend, there will be endless joy and laughter. Not only that, but it can also get you to kickstart anything that you’ve put off all these years such as exercise. It is true that a dog is a man’s best friend. Having a best friend means doing anything and everything together. A dog will really put you out of your comfort zone and will challenge you to do things you never have thought of doing. So what are you waiting for?