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Meet the innovator and the tech enthusiast – Matthias Sheikh Mende

Matthias Sheikh Mende, a fascinating, young blockchain specialist, social media influencer, innovator, and entrepreneur, is taking the world by storm. He is regarded as a great strategist and thinker and is involved in numerous projects concerning blockchain, social media marketing, and investment.

Matthias is an enthusiastic man who wishes to help wherever he can. In April 2019 he was announced as the new Chief Strategy Officer of Dubai’s Block Gemini Technologies and great things are expected of him. He has been leading the company into a completely new era.

Matthias is currently living in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai, but is constantly on the road, visiting numerous countries each year. However, most often he can be found in Berlin and Dubai. He was presented to the world in the popular UAE newspaper Khaleej Times as he was the developer of The Imam App. The idea behind this app was to help Muslim Converts with learning the Islamic prayer in an easy “karaoke” way.

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In 2011, Matthias Mende started his Dubai-based boutique marketing firm called MEMMOS, of which he was a managing director. Mercedes Benz is just one of the companies that have used Mende’s services and greatly benefited from them. We hear that Matthias works even on

In 2018, Block Gemini, Dubai’s leading Blockchain and Technology Company, won the “Best Blockchain Innovation of the Year 2018.” Matthias Sheikh Mende was the one who received the award at the Gala Event in Westminster, London.

Reuters reported that Block Gemini created a solution that is, at this moment, the biggest successful blockchain solution in the middle east which is live. The company managed to bring their working efficiency to a whole new level by automatizing certain processes, decreasing the time needed for certain work, and much more.

No one can explain the significance of what the company managed to achieve better than Matthias himself. After accepting the award, Mende said:” On behalf of our entire Block Gemini Team, we wish to share this award as knowledge to the world that our 14 months young, but 140 people strong company achieved to build and integrate a mind-blowing blockchain innovation into the supply chain industry which absolutely boosts efficiency to another level.”

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The award meant a lot not only to the company but also to Mende himself. After all, he is partly responsible for establishing strong strategic partnerships and initiatives for the company around the world. Block Gemini is based in Dubai and is currently the most successful Blockchain development and consultancy firms working in the Middle East and in the World. The company’s experienced and qualified team creates custom solutions using cutting-edge technologies in order to satisfy every customer’s needs.

Matthias is a man of many skills and years of experience. He is constantly working on numerous independent projects that mostly concern Blockchain and marketing strategy. He is very active on social media and is often posting updates on his life and useful advice for anyone interested in Blockchain, so if you wish to keep track of what this fascinating man is up to, you can look up his Instagram account.

Besides work, he, like many of us, enjoys playing video games such as Fortnite and Call of Duty, traveling, trying out new food, and attending Burning Man almost every year.

For the interview with Arabian Business, he said that Block Gemini is managing to be a few steps ahead by building solutions with the newest technologies and to stay relevant on the market by winning respected industry awards. Devoting time into analyzing each of the enterprises work processes by planning goal models and simply step by step innovating the whole system is absolutely critical.

Matthias who didn’t finish studies and came from an immigrant German background is truly an inspiration for many young entrepreneurs around the world.

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