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McCaughey Septuplets – Life Phenomenon


We can all agree that giving birth to twins is not a common occurrence but it does happen. Giving birth to triplets and even quadruplets is not something that you can see every day near you and even in your country. However, giving birth to seven children at once? That has to be scary. The McCaughey family has seven children and they were all born in the same time. This is a short story about them.

Unexpected Number

Kenny and Bobbi McCaughey had no idea that they would have seven kids. They wanted to expand the family but during one regular scan, seven embryos were found in Bobbi’s womb. At first, they though that the doctor was joking, but it was what it was.

And they were terrified of a thought that in less than nine months they would have seven babies to take care of. Also, they were frightened about the pregnancy, especially when we take into consideration that the couple struggled to get their first daughter Mikayla.

Bobbi said: “It was scary, you know, watching the stretch marks go ever so higher and wider and just thinking, how much longer can this body keep going?”

Thankfully, the pregnancy went well and although doctors suggested selective reduction, the couple refused. It was a high-risk pregnancy, but they had faith in God and everything worked out just right. But with the babies in the world, hungry and healthy, there was the financial aspect to consider as well.

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Media Attention and Help from All Sides

The good news for the family was that even when Bobbi was with the septuplets, it was such an unusual case that media gained interest and the family became national sensation quickly. People around the country wanted everything to be alright with the children and the parents as well.

Donors provided diapers, food and even a large van with enough room for the entire family to fit. They even received a 5,000-square foot house. Even though they were well prepared for a tough task of raising kids, there were still a lot of surprises. Yes, the couple was thrilled, but they were spending 52 diapers a day!
Raising 8 kids in total proved to be quite challenging which is why they needed help – someone who can take care of the kids, play with them and just ease their day. There have been 35 volunteer helpers who either assisted with the babies or chores around the house.

Growing Up

It was never boring at the McCaughey estate. When the children turned 13, they were making a documentary, which aired on TLC. America had a chance to see how the nations’ favorite family was doing.

However, growing up wasn’t easy. Two kids – Alexis and Nathan – had to use walkers for the most time due to cerebral palsy. However, they were always high-spirited and supported by the entire family. And just like the kids their age, they started high school. All of them went to Carlisle High School in Carlisle, Iowa.

Despite being born at the same time, each kid had their own aspirations and dreams. And at the age of 16, they wanted to drive, but purchasing seven separate cars was unthinkable. Those who wished to get a license had to work to earn money for it.

After finishing high school, it was time for the next step. Luckily, at birth, kids received free college education at various universities, so they have a chance to choose. Natalie, Nathan, Kelsey and Joel went to study at Hannibal-LaGrange University, whereas Kenny Jr. and Alexis went to Des Moines Area Community College. Brandon however, became a military man.

With all of the kids the same age, once they start having kids of their own, the McCaughey family will be huge. After they all moved out of the house, it was difficult for Bobbi and Kenny to get used to all the empty space. However, they have no regrets in life.