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Martie Allen – Early Life, Career

Martie Allen has been one of the most famous LGBTQ personalities in the USA, and she is also renowned for her romantic involvement with Kristy McNichol. We should also point out that she is well-known for some TV appearances in the USA. Apart from this, she is 59 now.

Early Life

We should point out that she was born in 1960a and that both her parents come from the USA, and that they are both Caucasians. It should also be mentioned that her zodiac sign is Capricorn. We should also point out that there are not many details and pieces of information about the family or childhood of Martie Allen. Furthermore, the details about her education and academic strivings are also not known. This has been all due to the fact that she likes to keep the details about her life and education private. She never reveals any of them, and since she is not present on social media, we cannot find any info about them there.

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Personal life

It should also be noted that she is not very active on social media and that she does not even post any stuff related to her private life. It is known that she would like to make her life private, and she does so. However, some details about her body are known. For example, it is known that it 5 FT 4 in high and that her weight is 70kg. Her eyes are brown, and she usually changes the color of her hair, but her natural hair color is brown.

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It has been known that she wanted to be an actress from an early age and that she always wanted to be on TV. She did everything she could to get some roles and some appearances on TV, and she succeeded in finding her way through in this business. Even though she cannot be considered as a star in the film industry we should emphasize the fact that she has been involved in acting from an early age. It should also be added that it was during the trying to make a name in the film industry that she met her current partner Kristy McNichol. This was actually a huge step in Martie’s career since her partner was famous and she started slowly to gain some points and appearances based on this.

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As we have already said, her career has had very humble beginnings. First of all, she started to appear in various commercials. When she drew some attention to herself in this way, she began to appear on some shows and TV series. Her first appearance was in Starsky & Hutch. Apart from this one, we could also see her in some others; we should mention her appearances in The Bionic Woman and Love American Style. Apart from these, she also had a role in The Love Boat. 1976 was an excellent year for her since she succeeded to get a part in Buddy where she got the role of Letitia. These are just some of the characters she had.


The peak of her career took place when she had a noticed role in Family, which is a TV drama series, and she had a part of Lawrence. Her acting talent was then, and she was nominated for two Emmy awards, and she won them. She won the awards for the Best Supporting Actress in a TV Series.


We can say that 1988 was an excellent year since she succeeded in having a lot of work and TV appearances. First of all, it should be mentioned that she had roles together with Sherilyn Fenn, Richard Tyson, Louise Fletcher, and Burl Ives. They all acted in Two Moon Junction which is classified as an erotic thriller. Apart from this one, we also remember that she had a role in a TV series called Mother of the Bride. Apart from this one, she appeared in Invasion America.

Net worth

As we have already mentioned it, all her fame and work can be considered as the result of her being in a relationship with Kristy McNichol. We do not have any details about Martie’s net worth, but there are some data that her partner was 7 million USD net worth in this year only. So, there is not any doubt that Martie succeeded in making some cash on her own during her appearances on TV and films. However, we do not know how much.

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Love life

As it has been stated several times, Martie Allen’s partner is Kristy McNichol. The two of them have been together since 1991. It should also be noted that the two of them were dating for some time and that they decided to tie the knot. They decided to have a somewhat private wedding that would be in the presence of their closest friends and family members. It should also be pointed out that their relationship has been an excellent and strong one and that they have remained together for almost three decades now. They are both lesbian, and they both fight for the equality of LGBTQ people in the USA. They are also fighting for the chances of all people who are homosexuals or lesbians to have the freedom to say so openly and to have the same treatment in society.

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One detail from her relationship with Kristy was an obstacle to Martie’s career. Namely, it should be noted that Kristy had some personal crisis when it was established that she had a bipolar disorder.


Well, it is sure that the most significant controversy that she was a part of was when she openly stated that she is a lesbian. Even though her partner and her closest ones surely knew this, the public was unaware of this detail from her personal life until 2012 when she came out of the closet.

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