Married Couples at Work: Let’s face the Challenges

For better, for worse.

Marriage is not always a bed of roses, but a wave of the good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly, and overall, a myriad of varying experiences. It’s a life-long learning curve.

However, don’t be deceived. You can have a great and long-lasting marriage regardless of all odds. But keep in mind that— having a successful marriage requires that you and your partner have similar belief systems, values, and orientations.

There are different demands in marriage that cut across various issues. An example of such is— work and marriage. The context of work and marriage usually comes down to a question of priorities.

Family and marriage should come first, while career is meant to be developed from the overflow. Companies begin and end, careers become obsolete— but marriage is meant to be a lifelong affair. And it surely would be a lifelong affair if approached from a place of high value, deep respect and intentional appreciation.

By setting the right priorities, your marriage can be a solid and amazing one.

The Challenges

A lot of people experience marital problems because they don’t prioritize accordingly. If you find yourself experiencing difficulties in your marriage, make sure you talk to your partner about it. Proper communication is an important step. In fact, it’s the first step to solving any issue.

Most couples could be caught up in the cycle of work, so much that their relationship receives less priority and attention. A major challenge that married couples face is feeling they need to balance the demands of work alongside their marriage.

An unprioritized amount of time and focus on work can lead to a breakdown in communication, and instigate tension in couples. The Infinite Couple— Baba Richard and Sri Namaste, advise that; “communication is not simply talking, it’s etymology means ‘to connect’. The majority of communication is not words that are said, it is tone, body language, behaviors, and presence. When this is understood, it becomes easy to see why communication exercises – which is called “communication praxis” are vital. Praxis means practice and what you practice you get good at.”

Prioritize your Marriage

Everyone wants to build a stable career, and not at the expense of any other thing. However, anything more important than your marriage will destroy it. This is a fact.

The Infinite Couple have been together for 18 years and they emphasize that a powerful marriage creates the foundation for an iconic abundant life.

Richard says; “ Marriage is the foundation of creating a life of legacy. It is the spring and fountain from which we give to the world everything else. Without the masculine and feminine coming together, human life can not continue. Happy marriage is the key to greatness. While business and career success can flow out of it, marriage must always be the higher priority. We believe that trying to balance work and marriage is the problem. You need to prioritize, optimize and amplify the demands, not balance.

As extreme pioneers in marriage, business, love, and sex, the Infinity Couple work privately with couples all over the world. And through their teachings and expertise, they help couples create a potent pathway to sacred love, business growth, and spiritual alchemy.

Don’t Set Boundaries

Boundaries in a marriage can set couples apart, which is not the aim of marriage. Marriage itself means bringing together to make into one. Setting boundaries is a way of preventing this oneness.

Aside from the fact that boundaries aren’t beneficial, they are harmful and unnecessary. Instead, one needs to be intentional when dating, and date with marriage in mind— which means you both have to focus on shared values, world view, and vision.

Within marriage, the necessity is to develop a policy of transparency, radical acceptance, unconditional love and have guidelines for resolving conflict that offer respect to the husband and appreciation to the wife,” says the Infinite Couple.

Essential Tips

Set some time for the family. You don’t want to be typing away at your computer when you should be cuddling with your spouse. Try planning for date nights together, and find some quality time that you’ll both look forward to. Marriages don’t work without time investment.

A successful relationship requires intentional, quality time together. Quality time should not be absent from your married life. With this, you can enjoy working, and at the same time enjoy each other’s company. This could lead to an increase in work productivity and thereby increase the quality of marriage and family life.

When you have this sort of marriage, you can then create innovative success in the world via enterprise and business without burnout. Marriage is meant to be pleasurable, joy filled, and a great adventure, not something full of drudgery and compromise.

“We show couples how to create powerful success and wealth in their lives by utilizing their gifts, talents, and abilities abundantly without any sacrifice to the marriage. In fact, their marriage becomes the power source for everything else they decide to build. “

The Infinite Couple help teach people how to create this type of marriage by removing the limiting beliefs they have concerning marriage— based on their previous experience and societal narrative. Also, they equip couples with the tools, skills, and emotional intelligence that enables them to feast in marriage instead of starve.

Wrapping Up

Marriage requires a decision to be committed throughout the ups and downs. An essential building block of a healthy marriage is being able to admit faults, and working hand-in-hand to live in unison.

Marriage is a partnership that requires various sacrifices. It’s indeed a blessing to have a spouse that understands you, and that is willing to work things out regardless of whatever comes along the journey.

Regardless of challenges that may arise from the work cycle, stay true to your spouse and your marriage.

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