Marilyn Hue – Everything You Wanted to Know

This talented young woman is a famous American photographer and graphic designer whose style is so specific that she is very recognizable. She has an army of fans on Instagram, over 290,000 followers. Thanks to her photographs and a large number of network followers, she has achieved collaborations with brands such as Vice Boutique, Pink Dolphin, and IMKING.

She began her career by inheriting her father’s camera, which he used to photograph as a child. As a student, she won first place in the LA County Fair Student Photography Contest.

This successful young lady has her brand of attractive youth clothing that she named Eggtart.

She is not the only child in the family, she has sisters and brothers, and she was born in the United States by emigrating from Vietnam in the 1980s.


She spent her childhood in the 909 area and is now based in East LA. The photographer says she best creates and enjoys creative work near her home, family, and friends.

Her style is characterized as pinpointed style, and most often, she paints portraits of various techniques. Uses a Nikon D700, and I only own two lenses. 50mm 1.4 and 24-70mm. It uses Photoshop and Lightroom to edit the photos further.

Marilyn says that for successful photography, what matters most is that there is good chemistry between the model and the photographer and that this is a significant prerequisite for successful reproduction.

What is an interesting fact for all readers is that the most memorable photos she made were never posted on social networks? The photo shows my family for Mother’s Day, where my nephew’s play and mother prepare traditional Vietnamese food. Father and other relatives sit at the table and laugh.

Marilyn says life in itself is her greatest artistic inspiration, and her most exceptional mentor is Brian Tampol. I was an intern at 19 in his company, and he taught me a lot about photography and design.

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