10 Time-Management Apps for Students


Deadline: a word that no one likes and even makes some people shudder. There is a moment in every student’s life when the deadline sneaks up, so an essay of 3,000 words must be ordered from Essaybulls.com, a research paper writing service. But it shouldn’t happen every time you’re requested to write an essay, project, or homework assignment. Academic life obliges you to make your studies a priority. The main task is to learn how to combine it so that there is time left for hobbies, friends, and perhaps even sleep. It is possible to achieve successful time-management. Practice and the desire to change are necessary to achieve this goal. It will also require a completely new daily routine. This selection of apps we’ve found can help every student become more productive and effective.

Focus To-Do: Focus Timer&Tasks

Pomodoro is a time-management program that will help you with your tasks. We can use time as a valuable ally in achieving what and how we want. It helps improve the way we work or study. This application is a combination of a time tracker and to-do lists. The app can save and group tasks into lists, set up a timer, remind you of important assignments, and monitor the time spent on work.



This task planner is trendy due to its rich functionality, pleasant interface, and free access. In TickTick, tasks are organized into lists, and you can create as many as you want.

It’s convenient to divide them into categories: study, household, and personal. The structure presents a task as three subcategories: a list, goal, and checklist.



The Wunderlist site is actively promoting the Microsoft To-Do service, which will be discussed next. For each task in Wunderlist, you can add a reminder, repetitions, subtasks, notes, and files. Wunderlist also provides the Conversations feature, which allows you to discuss shared tasks in the app. It lacks themes, but you can choose a background.

Microsoft To-Do


Having bought the popular Wunderlist, Microsoft created an application that almost completely repeats the capabilities of Wunderlist. Microsoft To-Do has added several new features: a personalized task planner, color-coded lists, and suggestions to help you plan your time more efficiently.

To-Do has more flexible appearance settings than Wunderlist. There are several themes to choose from, as well as many backgrounds that users love.



This app will help you save time with its large variety of useful features. For example, Workflow can create contact icons on your desktop, turn web pages into PDF documents, upload all images from web pages, and much more. Of course, this service will not replace other time-management applications, but it will undoubtedly make life much easier.



This app is an irreplaceable assistant for any student. It can be used as a tool for taking notes, creating reminders, to-do lists, and tasks. Evernote completely replaces several applications in one, supports the PDF format, and allows you to scan notes, business cards, and drawings. You can synchronize Evernote with your computer, tablet, and smartphone and share information and notes with other users. It is ideal for planning educational projects. Basic functionality is free, but you need a premium subscription to get more features. On the plus side, the free version is enough for planning and daily notes.



HabitMinder will help you form healthy habits. Psychologists say that you can get rid of vicious habits in 30 days. It is possible that with the HabitMinder application, you will be able to cope much faster. It monitors your progress and motivates you not to stop halfway through. For example, the HabitMinder will remind you to do breathing exercises or a quick meditation session. It can also track your hydration, encourage you to exercise or go to the gym, and more. And for students, it is critical to keep track of their health and practice sports.



In Any.do, you can add tags, reminders, sub-tasks, and attachments to each task. The priority function will help you concentrate on the main task and not forget about the important things. Lists can be shared with friends and colleagues, and you can plan joint projects with them there.

It is worth noting the Focus option, which helps to build motivation. If it is enabled, and the person has not completed the task, the application will destroy the virtual tree. Another feature of Any.do is a shopping list that the app automatically categorizes. In the paid version, you can create recurring tasks, attach files of any size, use custom themes, colored tags, and labels, and create reminders tied to a specific location.



Todoist is a major competitor and a great alternative to Any.do. The application doesn’t have a self-destructing tree. In Todoist, you can split tasks into projects, add specific tags, change the theme, add comments you like, attach files, and collaborate on projects. As an additional motivation, productivity tracking is built into the service.

The app has many features, so reading the user manual is recommended. With its help, you will, for example, figure out how to better design projects, work with tags, tasks, and filters, and learn what tags to use to customize tasks. Some users are put off by the need to explore the service, but Todoist is worth it. Having dealt with all its features in an hour, you will get a reliable and convenient planner.

Another plus of the app is templates that help you quickly create a to-do list and organize other lists, from planning purchases to creating a content plan for social media. You can find a suitable one on the application website.

Google Calendar


This app has a lots of functions. For example, Google Calendar has the ability to set goals: you set a goal, and the app itself offers a time frame to achieve it. It is convenient that all events from Gmail are automatically imported – you will not forget about a dinner plan with partners or a business trip. The only noticeable inconvenience of the calendar is that you cannot create to-do lists without reference to a specific date. The design of the calendar is also pleasing to the eye – you can add maps and pictures.

Students are faced with the illusion of long deadlines, a lot of free time, procrastination, and a lack of time-management skills. However, with these apps, students can now organize their time efficiently.

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