What To Comprehend Before Making a High Quality Medical Site


In healthcare websites, thinking of the welfare of the patients and what would meet their needs without having to complicate it for them is what everyone in the medical field wants. It is to help the patients while growing their practice. WebMDPracticePro is on the same journey, wanting you to attract and sustain patients while offering only the best services.

If you are building your medical website, having one alone does not automatically mean you can reach the right market. You may want to understand first what can set you apart from the rest, so you know that you are on your way to building a high-quality medical website.

The Security of Your Medical Site

There are a myriad of medical websites found online, and it is not surprising that many may not provide reliable information or are unable to protect information. People are well aware of being critical in knowing whom to trust when it comes to accessing websites, most especially if this pertains to their personal and health information.

Your site needs to adhere to HIPAA regulations and should ensure patients that you are serious about protecting their medical information and would safely observe this at all times. Talk to a website designer that strictly follows protocols about website security and SSL certificate as well as HIPAA compliance contact forms.

Accessibility of Information

You want your website to have the right amount of security, but you also need to make sure that the information that needs to be out there is accessible to whoever needs it and visits your site. As simple as making your customer service hotline visible and clickable.

The key details need to be spotted that even a small child can see right away. Registration to a certain program should be presented line upon line without confusing the one doing it. Booking an appointment should also be fast and easy. Show your website visitors that you are purposeful in informing or explaining how to seek treatment or regular check-ups by having a direct and clear process.

Mobile Accessibility

For your medical site to be considered high quality, this needs to be accessed by anyone who owns a smartphone. Patients are said to use their phones to go online and essentially search for what they need. If you have a web design that is responsive, web users can easily find what they are looking for, regardless of how big or mini their phone screen is.

Both patients and search engines prefer mobile-friendly websites with responsive design. Always conduct a test to ensure your website does not encounter any issues when loading. People will leave and will not waste time waiting for the website to load if this is slow.

You can say you have a mobile-friendly site if:

  • Images and CSS are light
  • Theme and template and mobile-sensitive
  • You have deviated from incorporating Flash
  • You made sure that the size of your website buttons and placements were correct
  • No pop-ups, as much as possible
  • Fonts are clear and readable
  • Links are placed without overlapping

Current Information

Almost half of the searches on Google are no click which only means that those searching online did not initiate anything at all. You may think about how you attract more clients into noticing your website from hundreds of other options and give them a lasting impression?

It helps to always update your business listings. Patients also check if you are providing outdated information, so it is essential that your site is always current and relevant. Do not forget to add feedback or reviews from previous patients as long as you still follow HIPAA. This can help those shopping for information see them and can help build their trust in your practice.

Also, any web content regarding medical news should be updated and should be straightforward with evidence-based details. Potential clients would check out your website for either administrative details or confirm a medical topic that everyone is talking about. If your webpage does not show current information, web visitors may not see you as an expert or authority and will look for other sources.

Availability of Provider Details

When it comes to health, we trust the information only from a medical professional. We are often apprehensive to know if what we read from the website is verified by the experts. That is why it is important to encourage trust and show this on your website.

Be transparent in showing your providers’ details and all the available credentials to help patients develop confident and trusting provider-patient relationships.

Showcase their specialties, highlight information about their education, certifications, fellowships. Add videos of providers introducing their practice more. A friendly and trustworthy medical facility is always a better choice.

Your website should show separate information on your “Contact Us” and “About Us”. Patients appreciate any medical update seen on the website, but this should not substitute the choice of them really being seen by a medical professional.

Health Mobile Apps and Social Media Integration

Health mobile apps should also be secured and relevant. The questions to be asked to the clients should be assuring. WebMD allows medical professionals to have their client information on the go; this app can show you the patient’s appointment history, their preference of communicating with them. This app will also allow you to receive notifications for appointments and have a way to communicate further with your patients via SMS.

On the other hand, social media integrations are also a common thing as more users are logged in to their social media accounts most of the time. Be ready to present updates that are verified and evidence-based content.

Are You Ready to Build a High Quality Medical Site?

Take it one step at a time. If you are unable to do it alone, let the experts do it for you and with you. Building a website that is high-performing does not happen overnight. But with the help of a partner who can make things happen for you, you do not have to wait for years just to see the results that you want for your practice.

So you can focus on taking care of your patients and other clients, partner with WebMD to ensure that attracting, retaining patients, and expanding productivity are all well taken care of. Request a demo today to check how your website is doing!

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