Make Your Second Date Successful with Our ‘Fresh Out of Movies’ Date Ideas

Are you currently above the moon, celebrating your successful first date? Feeling as if you just got everything you planned for your date. But honestly, it’s not the first date that decides your love life’s fate and whether you will enter a long-term relationship or it’s going to be just a meh-kinda date. “It’s the second date you should worry about.”

A second date does not necessarily mean it’s all good and romantic, but it’s just another step to get to know each other for the third, fourth, fifth, or possibly numerous dates for the rest of your life. Let’s get you onto the road of an immaculate second date with our ‘fresh out of movies’ date ideas.

1. Take Out to a Meaningful Place

First dates are usually for getting to know each other, involving in light casual conversations. If you have made it to a second date, which we assume you did (that’s why you’re here), it’s time to plan for your second date because it is as central as your first date or maybe more than that. Think about the conversation you had and arrange the date at a place meaningful or special to the other.

2. Go On Romantic Long Walk


Wherever you chose to plan your date, a long walk home or around the place back from your date destination is a must. We are so used to seeing couples in movies, holding hands, walking around the streets, having an umbrella above their heads (because rain is so normal and you don’t want to mess up your love life), and enjoying each other’s company—the definition of ideal ‘It-couples’ of the town.

We can’t provide the perfect partner to hold hands with, but we can help you create the exact movie scene when you find one. To get an automatic LED umbrella to create the best romantic walk vibes without worrying about the bad weather or wind, you can click here.

3. Build a Cozy Fort

We all have seen numerous ‘cozy date on the terrace’ type of scenes in the movies that we are simply obsessed with the idea of it. It may sound too fast for some to be at someone’s home on the second date, but what we are trying to say is to get the idea and modify it. Decide on the destination to set up your cozy fort. It could be at the beachside, park, home garden, apartment terrace, etc. Next, place a comfy rug or clean sheet and put cozy cushions on it. Get fairy lights to complete the vibe of your date.

Note: Don’t forget to prepare your picnic basket.

4. Tie-dye matching shirt

Isn’t it too soon for matching shirts? You might be thinking after reading this idea, but we believe if you felt the connection on your first date, then this will only help you bond more. Instead of buying matching shirts, tie-dye it yourself. It’s easy, cool, and fun to do.

5. Set Up a Karaoke Bar

You have to open up more to others if you want a healthy and long-term relationship. What could be the best way to bond with your date in a comfortable environment than a planned karaoke? Sing your favorite songs with all your heart as you are the original singer of those masterpieces. Ask your date about his music taste and other hobbies.

6. Stargazing

If you want your date to think, ‘Awe, he planned our second date just like a hero-in-the-movies-would-do,’ the best idea is the stargazing date. Connect under the beautiful starry sky and score a chance for your third date. You can arrange the stargazing date on your rooftop, near the window, garden in your colony, beach, or even your home lawn.

Note: Select the place and time for your stargazing date when it’s quiet so you can enjoy your soon-to-be-couple time.

Bonus Ideas – Does Fancy Always work?

The exact answer to this question is no; it does not. If you and your date have enough understanding to try a second date, it implies you have a spark deep down in your heart. Now, you don’t want to lose the chance to find the potential love of your life by putting extra pressure on being all fancy and stuff. Try these bonus ideas that will surely help you to keep going in your might-be-my-soulmate search.
  1. Cook a hearty meal together. (Couple that cooks together, stays together 😉)
  2. Arrange a Home-spa date to relax those stress muscles and engage in long conversations
  3. Plan your musical concert in a mesmerizing garden
  4. Watch a movie in a walk-in cinema and be cozy in the car
  5. Go on a long drive and prepare a car-date
  6. Be romantic in ferry boats and make unforgettable memories
  7. Visit a historical place together (meanwhile, you can create a historical relationship too 😁)
  8. Hit a nearby beach and plan a bonfire night

7 Signs That Screams There Will Be No Third Date

Now that we have talked about the possible ideas, fancy or simple, to help perfect your second date, it’s time for the red flags. If you’re out there googling ‘how to tell if a second date went well,’ then these signs can be of help. How? Well, if you did not do any of these 7 things, you are good to go and hope for your future dates.

  1. Don’t be ‘special guests are always late’ type of a person if you want to continue the little dates
  2. Weird ‘straight out of a joker movie’ outfit is a no-no
  3. A chatter-box is never welcomed (Let the other person speak too)
  4. Continuous use of a cellphone is not cool at all
  5. Imposing your menu preference on the other is rude
  6. ‘What your parents are like,’ or ‘what do you want to do with your life,’ can be red flags for your possible third date
  7. Don’t be a fake no matter what


To be clear, what romantic series or rom-com you have watched all your life, it’s not easy to score a successful first date. And if you are lucky enough, it would be a miracle if you got a chance to do a second date because, well, to be frank, most of us here don’t.

What are you waiting for? Make your second date perfect with our ‘fresh out of movies’ date ideas. Try these yourself and share them with your friends for their better love life.

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