Tips & Tricks: How to Make Your Home Look Luxurious

Many people believe that having a luxurious-looking home is out of their reach. After all, luxury implies fancy couches that cost like your entire house, fluffy rugs that have been hand-made from the finest wool in the world, or chandeliers that were previously hanging in someone’s castle. But is this really true? If you take a closer look at those luxurious homes you see every day on Instagram and really pay attention to tiny details, you will see that nothing in those homes looks especially expensive or fancy when taken out of the picture. However, all those items together create the ‘wow’ effect. You see, there is really no need to spend a fortune on things. In fact, you can buy things on garage sales and in thrift stores and still have a luxurious home. It is all just a trick, really, where with some lighting effects and some strategically placed items you turn your ordinary home into a fabulous place. If you are interested in making your home look luxurious without breaking the bank, here are a couple of tips that will come in handy.

Incorporate high-end materials into your living space where you can

Again, this doesn’t mean you have to buy crystal chandeliers or get marble countertops. Materials that scream ‘luxury’ such as real leather, marble, antique gold, or solid wood can be found anywhere from high-end stores to yard sales. Check out online ads and you will surely find some cheap items made from amazing materials. For example, you could find an old tarnished mirror with an antique gold frame someone wants to throw out and buy it for a couple of bucks. Keep the frame, get a new mirror and you have yourself a luxurious piece for your foyer.

Moreover, you can add luxurious handmade Persian or Iranian rugs from Kuden Rugs that bring an authentic and classy luxurious look.

Use lighting to your advantage

If you have just one light fixture on the ceiling you use to light up the room, don’t be surprised if your living space looks kind of bland. Lighting can be your best friend if you know how to use it. With overhead lighting, even the most luxurious places can seem cold, uninviting, and sterile. However, with lamps that are spread around a room you can create a welcoming ambiance.

Use bookshelves for more than books

Even if you have a lot of books, your living room doesn’t have to feel like a library! Break those lines of books with framed photos, fancy bookends, or interesting trinkets. Plants in ceramic planters are also a good option!

Go big with art

Tiny pictures on a large wall can look like they are floating in space. If you decide to create a gallery wall only with small frames, that area will look cluttered and chaotic, and not in a good, artsy way. Therefore, if you have a photo you like print it in a larger format. If that is not an option, get a mat for your 8×10 photo and put it in a 16×20 frame. It will instantly look more expensive and make a big impact, even if it just a photo you printed from your computer.

Stick to neutrals

When it comes to items you can’t really change on a whim, such as your sofa, kitchen cabinets, your wall colors, and light fixtures, go neutral. Then you will be able to use accents and accessories to play with colors, textures, and patterns. Items such as cushions, drapes, vases, and even rugs can be easily changed to transform the entire look of a room, and you won’t have to spend a lot.

Play with metals

Interesting accent pieces with a touch of pizzazz go a long way. A mirrored tray, a silver figurine, or a brass candlestick can add some glamour to your living space. You can also get interesting carved skulls with a metallic finish for your walls. If that sounds like something you would like, you can read more here about these Balinese art pieces. If you wish to save some money, you can always find some items in your décor stash that you can spray paint. With copper spray paint you can turn even the most ordinary plastic pieces into designer-y items. Place a candle near your shiny objects so that light bounces off of them, and your interior will look like a million bucks. Speaking of candles…

Bring candlelight into your room

A vanilla-scented candle will not only add a touch of luxury to your place but will also make it smell amazing. Candles have a soothing effect, so make sure you light one on your coffee table while you are watching your favorite show at the end of the day, or on your countertop while you are making dinner.

Use fancy towels every day

Maybe those old, dingy towels are practical and you won’t suffer if something happens to them, but pale whites and bleach-stained colors can make your bathroom look dirty and cheap. Why do you think that hotel bathrooms look so fancy? Just look at their towels! Therefore, proudly display crisp white, fluffy towels like you are waiting for important guests. By using these every day not only will your bathroom feel more luxurious, but you will feel better as well wrapped up in those fluffy towels.

Add drama with high contrast

If you want your place to look dramatic and way more glamorous, experiment with high contrasts. Dark, navy walls and white furniture go amazingly well, but if you don’t want to paint the whole walls, you can just paint your plain, white doors into a darker color. This is an inexpensive makeover trick and your bathroom or your laundry room can look much more vibrant because of it. With high contrast, you can add something chic to every room.

Use fresh flowers wherever you can

An elegant vase and freshly cut flowers can do wonders for your home. If you have flower bushes in your back yard, every few days go outside and snip some flowers to stick in a vase. Keep in mind that flowers don’t only have to be displayed on your coffee table in the living room or your dining room table. Instead, place them in your bathroom, kitchen, or on your nightstand for those extra luxury points.

Use these tricks and turn your ordinary place into luxurious heaven.