6 Ways To Make Movie Nights More Enjoyable For Your Kids


If you want a family tradition that will not only entertain, but also bring your family together, you should host a family movie night. This is an event where you gather your family together and watch a movie that you all decided on.

One of the best things about family movie night is that it could be a longstanding tradition within your family, and if your kids are young, they will develop fond memories of the time you all spent watching movies together. So if you are going to host a family movie night, you should prepare for it. Here are 6 ways to make movie nights more enjoyable.

1.  Choose The Right Movies

If you are going to host a movie night for your family, then your choice of movies is very important. Remember that the movie night is all about the movie. Your snacks might be good, and your furniture might be comfortable, however, if your choice of movies is not good, then it will ruin the night for everyone. First things first, you should make sure that the movie is appropriate for the kids. If your kids are 13 and up then. maybe they could watch rated-13 movies as well. However, if your kids are of the 10 to 12-year-old range, you should really stick to more family-friendly ones.

2.  Have A Different  Theme For Every Week

If you want your little ones to thoroughly enjoy your movie nights, it is a good idea to have a different theme for every week. This might seem like a lot of work, however, if you plan it out beforehand it will be a lot easier than you think.

The key is in how you plot out your movie nights. If you have the time you could check the special events that take place every month. The best example is December because Christmas time is one of the most beloved holidays in the world. So during the month of December, you could host a Christmas-themed movie night. By having a set theme for each movie night, you will be able to ensure that all your movie nights are unique and exciting.

3.  Keep A Large Supply Of Snacks And Drinks

Aside from the movies that you will be watching, it is also important that you keep a large supply of snacks and drinks at the ready. Remember that you will play host to rambunctious young children, and if they don’t have a snack during the movie, they might get fidgety and disrupt the movie. So it is a good idea to have snacks and drinks at the ready.

When you choose your snacks and drinks, you don’t need to limit yourself to just serving junk foods and soft drinks. While you could serve popcorn occasionally, this does mean that you serve chips and Pepsi drinks every time. You could also serve carrot sticks, apple juice, and other healthy foods.

4.  Decorate the TV room

If you want to make your movie nights memorable, it is important that you make it a spectacle. So it is a good idea to decorate your tv room during movie night. If you are going to decorate your tv room, you should follow your theme. This will give your tv room designs a sense of cohesion.

For example, you are going to use an 80s theme for your movie night. The 80s was an era where neon lights were a common decoration. So you should utilize neon signs for your decoration. Decades ago, neon lighting was never really considered a viable form of home decoration, because it was deemed too expensive.  However, recent innovations in neon technology have now made it easier to create neon signs of your very own. Companies such as Gindestar specializes in custom neon lighting, you can visit their website here and you could purchase neon lighting solutions from them at very affordable prices. Of course, neon lights don’t have to be just for 80s themed movie nights. You could also use them to decorate your TV room during other movie nights.

5.  The More The Merrier

Although the main reason you are hosting a movie night is that you want your kids to have fun, and have great memories. However, you should not limit the experience to just your kids. If your kids have friends, you could invite them over. Just make sure that their parents give their permission. It is also a good idea to check if they have any allergies.

You don’t want to serve them peanuts only to find out later that they have a peanut allergy. It is also advisable that you have ground rules for the movie night. The rules could be no roughhousing, no fights, and no loud noises while the movie is running. It might entail more planning to host additional kids on your movie night. However, if you could make happy memories for these kids as well, then all the effort is worth it.

6.  Have A Set Schedule For The Event

If you are going to host a movie night, you should follow a consistent schedule. By doing so, you will be able to plan out each event more thoroughly. When it comes to choosing the days for your movie nights, it is always a good idea to have them on a Friday or Saturday night. These are the best times because the kids won’t have school the next day, so they could stay up past their bedtime. It is also a great time for you because you could spend more time with your kids as well.


If you want to start a long-lasting tradition of movie nights, you should be as prepared as possible. With these fun tips, you’ll be able to host fun movie nights that your kids could look fondly back on.