Make a romantic night using Flameless candles

Low flickering light, fresh scents, and soothing music generally define a romantic night. As a night of relaxation and intimacy, the attention placed on detail goes a long way in determining its success or failure.

Of the three, candlelight plays the most important role. They maintain a darkened environment that allows the pupils to dilate (in comes the “bedroom eyes”), a subconscious sign of attraction. The light they emit dims out all the surroundings, providing just enough for you to focus on each other.

Unfortunately, there are some downsides associated with candle use. For instance, you cannot create your romantic setting outside, and they pose a risk of fire if left on – which is how most romantic nights end. Our romantic nights would suffer a lot if all of us were to take the dangers of wax candles seriously. It is at this point where the flameless candles come into play.

What are flameless candles?

Quite frankly, flameless candles are the electronic counterparts to the common open-flame candles. Instead of using a real flame, they come with LEDs that are designed to mimic real flames. Small batteries power them, and some even feature remote control for convenient operation.

They haven’t been around nearly as long as normal wax candles, but they are catching on. Their features and functionality give them significant advantages over open-flame candles regarding romantic mood. These are detailed below.

Why flameless candles?

  1. Scent

The scent goes a long way in determining the mood of the occasion. If you want your night to end with you playing the role of a masseuse, the lavender scent is ideal for you. Cinnamon and Vanilla scent is great for triggering warmth and happiness. If you want a more exotic scent, try mandarin spice.

Flameless candles are available in an extensive range of scents and flavors. This means you will find whichever you need, however, complicated you or your partners taste might be. These candles also take care of one drawback of real-flame candles: Their scent is infused in such a way that it doesn’t get stronger or weaker. This is partly due to the wax not melting, unlike the real candles which can lead to an overwhelming scent.

  1. Safety

If you succeed in making the perfect romantic night, chances are, it will end up with you getting distracted. Just imagine a night that was supposed to end at the climax, ends up with you busting out the extinguisher because you tipped a real-flame candle over.

With the flameless option, you will only pick the tipped-over candles in the morning from your carpet — a perfect night.

  1. Shapes and sizes

Memories, preferences and the overall setting determine the shape and sizes of candles you should use. Real-flame candles are somewhat restricted on the shapes and sizes they can take. This is so because of the need to cut down production cost and maximize burn time.

Flameless candles deal with this drawback. As they have a burn time that can go well into months, they have no restrictions on the shapes they can take. You can add some spice to your night by going for flameless candles with shapes such as hears, roses, round, tapir, and lip-shaped ones.

  1. Outdoor romantic nights

Flameless candles are perfectly equipped to handle a romantic night of watching the stars and moon. They are obviously resistant to wind and movement, so they won’t turn off unless you want them to. Some of them come integrated with an insect repellent to keep those pesky bugs from ruining your night.

Additionally, outdoor flameless candles are water resistant. That said, if your romantic night decorations stretch till outside the house, you don’t have to worry about them getting rained on.

The added perks and features of flameless candles above real-flame candles enhance the romantic mood as follows.

  1. Auto off

Let’s say you want a surprise romantic night. You would like you and your partner to be seated somewhere; then out of nowhere, candles start coming on one by one in a sequence around you, then the final ones on a table at the center. How would you do this with real-life candles? Tell you, partner, to hold on as you light them one by one? Total buzzkills!

The auto timer feature is very convenient for such cases. It also turns them off automatically, turning the next page on your romantic night.

  1. Remote control

Getting more intense, you may want to control the light by increasing/reducing brightness, or turning them off completely. With normal candles, there is no way of doing this without pausing your night, and breaking the moment in the process.

How to Choose the Best Flameless Candles

You can only have the perfect romantic night if you make the right candle choice. The following factors should guide the right decision:


A style is by far the most important consideration for a romantic night. What color is right for your partner? What mood are you trying to set? Do you want an old-fashioned or a contemporary appearance? Does it match with your decor? With the various sizes and shapes of flameless candles, you will find one that suits you.


Flameless candles are either powered by batteries or are connected to a power outlet. Battery-powered flameless candles are ideal for outdoors, or when your romantic setting doesn’t have access to a power source. Corded options are ideal for homes.


Flameless candles that completely resemble real-flame candles are the best options if they are available. If they are covered in wax, you shouldn’t leave them outdoors as they can melt just like real-flame candles. Outdoor flameless candles are made especially out of plastic to resist all weather elements.


Even though we cannot put a price on the perfect romantic night, the more expensive the candles, the more the features and added perks. However, in most cases, a basic flameless candle without the added perks is all you need so if you are under the budget, your night can still benefit from the benefits of flameless candles.


Depending on how you have planned out your night, there is some couple of features you may desire. Some come with timers so that they will turn off automatically after your romantic dinner. Remote controlled flameless candles are very convenient as you can dim or increase brightness from a distance.

But if these features increase the cost above your budget, there are models with basic features that can still work well only without the added perks.


These flameless candles entirely resemble the real-flame candles. Some, those intended for indoor use, have a real paraffin wax outer shell. What’s more, some of them have a “flickering flame.” They have one or more LED bulbs that vary in brightness, simulating how a real flame flickers. With these, no one can tell whether they are real or flameless.



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