3 Best Magnetic Cubes for Kids 2021

Unlike any other toy, the cubes are meant for brain development and they are a great puzzle game that your kids can find satisfaction in. Solving puzzles should start at a young age, so the brain is trained for upcoming challenges. The other toys may look more fun, but this simply made toy can be in their hands all the time if they like solving colored problems like these.

Other than problem-solving training, this toy can make your child more competitive, and he will be able to fight for himself to prove to others that he can do it. Competitiveness is a characteristic that every person that is an athlete, or another type of successful person has. That makes the person strive for prosperity and be hardworking. You should teach your child this while they are young so they can use that later on in their lives.

In this article, we will talk about the best magnetic cubes that you can buy for your kid, some of them are really affordable but of great quality, and some of them are more on the premium side so you can have that in mind if you need a present for you kids, either if you are trying to introduce them to this and teach them how to solve it, or as an upgrade to their previous one.

Things to keep in mind before buying

Before going out and looking for this toy, you will have to know some things in order to select the perfect cube for your child. Not every cube is the same, and not every kid has the same preferences, but if they are still learning, it is better for them to be used to a good toy. However, every good quality cuboid shares pretty much the same characteristics.


This is maybe the most important thing to check before buying because this determines the quality of the product. There are two types, on one of them, you can move the layers fast without any effort, but the control can be a hard thing to master. The other type has a little bit of harder turns and requires more effort, but the movement is soft, and you can control the toy easier.

Moving the pieces even though the cube is not aligned

This is important for a smoother use of this toy, especially if you are trying to compete or you are trying to beat your own score. Since it has horizontal and vertical sides, usually, if one of the horizontal sides is not completely turned, you will not be able to move the vertical side as well. However, a good quality cube can do these movements without a problem. This can save time and can make your score better. Other than that, it improves the feel in your hands and generally the whole experience trying to solve the puzzle.

Getting stuck

If you have tried to move a lower quality cube, you can notice that the layers are very hard to move. Especially if you have some of the horizontal and vertical areas misaligned, your cube might get stuck, which will ruin your whole experience, and might cost you your best score. Instead, you should be looking for a better product, that has a smooth movement so you can do your best when solving it.


When planning on getting this toy, you will want to get a durable one because there is no point in getting cheap squares that can stick and deform. They can even twist around and they can make the cube unsolvable. That is why you should be always looking for a sturdy but with soft movements.


The color scheme is not really important since it can be still solved even with bad colors. However, your experience will definitely be better if you find the colorway more appealing. There are lower-quality cubes that have the colors stick to the squares. That doesn’t mean that the product is bad, or that it can decrease the quality of the item, but with the simple use of that toy, they can peel off, or they can fade away, making the solving experience worse. Usually, the better quality squares come painted, so you will be able to use that toy for a longer period without any obstructions.

Since we have seen what you should pay attention to when looking for a magnetic square, it is time for us to recommend you the best magnetic cubes, in our opinion.

11 M PRO from GAN

This is relatively a newer addition to their product list that surely offers characteristics that you might want to consider. Since it is magnetic, its movements are quite soft and steady, allowing you to solve it quickly. Based on the information on this link, you can adjust the stability and the effort requirements for the movements so you can bring the best from you on sight.

3×3 RS3M Cube from MFSJ

This is a really good-looking cube that offers great performance. You can learn how to solve the puzzles on this toy, or you can improve your old one with this fantastic toy. The colors are painted on the squares so that is one benefit, also, you can adjust the tension and the control of this item so you can make it perfect so it can suit you the best.

Elite-M 3×3 from Cubelelo

The more compact item, with such quality, is really one of the options that you should consider. If you are an experienced solver, you can use this one for one-hand solving because of its smaller size. This is one of the most precise and soft turning cubes that will improve your results in no time. It also comes with additional items in the package that you can apply to it for better stability and smoother movements.


With many more different options that are not on this list, the choices are unlimited. The items on this list are not in order, so you might want to do your own research on them to see if they are the toy that you are looking for to surprise your kid or yourself.