Madonna Wanted to Pay Rodman to have a Baby with him

The most controversial basketball player in history? Does anyone think of a name other than Dennis Rodman?

From the outward appearance to the off-field behavior, the way he played basketball, he never had the usual word for him. The anecdotes with them or that he chooses to share are truly endless, but we will list some that say how crazy a famous basketball player he is.

He is often called a unique celebrity, which is not surprising because you have hardly ever met and even heard of someone so extravagant. He became famous in the NBA for his uncompromising, athletic ability and the intensity with which he played every match. You could never see less than 100 percent of it, but you could expect at least one basketball per game – in the words of the bookmakers! He was never overly dangerous on offense, but he always bought all the rebounds, wherever the balls bounced.

Then came the time to say goodbye to the Bad boys in the Detroit Pistons, who, with Isaiah Thomas and Laimbeer, knew how to beat teams to take the ring. The episode is out in the San Antonio Spurs when it begins its relationship with Madonna.

Like everything in his life, the connection with the famous singer was tumultuous and full of surprises.

– Madonna told me that if she were pregnant, she would give me $ 20 million. I went to gamble in Las Vegas when she called me because she was ovulating at that point. I’ve been there in five hours! – said the celebrated basketball player.

Then he comes to the Chicago Bulls with whom he has won three rings, and interestingly off the field has not communicated with either Scottie Pippen or Michael Jordan for three years.

These are just a few of the exciting and shocking things about the life of a controversial basketball player who never ceases to fascinate with his lifestyle.