Madden 23: Best Teams To Rebuild In Franchise Mode

Several years ago, the #FixMaddenFranchise trend triggered a long-awaited overhaul of the game’s most popular offline mode. It was well after the game’s launch that major changes to scouting were announced, and what was available left fans disappointed.

A more engaging scouting system, as well as major changes to free agency and player demands, are included in this year’s mode. For upgrades, players always need coins for the game and for the Madden 23 Coins, and you can visit the best page that can offer you the coins. Here are a few teams that can best satisfy your need to rebuild after these new changes.

Houston Texans


Despite Deshaun Watson’s troubles, Houston has managed to escape relatively unscathed. The draft capital added by Cleveland will be valuable for future years, but their current roster is a disappointment. Two of the team’s offensive pieces, LT Laremy Tunsil (88) and WR Brandin Cooks (87), are still in their prime, but there are no true young talents on the team. According to Madden, Davis Mills’ ratings and potential are slightly below average for a rookie quarterback. Houston will be a popular option for those looking for a total overhaul and having some nice assets.

Jacksonville Jaguars


A young core and a stable team are the ideal combinations for Jacksonville. Along with its above-average offensive line, the team has blue-chip prospects in second-year players: Travis Etienne (77 overall) and Trevor Lawrence (76 overall), one of the most hyped QB prospects in 10 years. In addition to Travon Walker (76 overall), the team added the #1 pick from this year.

As far as Lawrence is concerned, the only real concern is the lack of offensive receiving targets. You won’t find a better quarterback than Jacksonville if you want long-term success with the quarterback and flexibility to change the rest of the offense.

Chicago Bears

Despite an array of excellent defensive talent, the Bears’ offense leaves much to be desired. Justin Fields will be a great option for those who prefer a running quarterback. Their defense is also a stalwart, so you won’t have to worry about bringing in targets for Justin Fields in the coming years, even though they don’t have the draft capital Houston has.

Atlanta Falcons

After 14 seasons as the team’s quarterback, Atlanta has officially said goodbye to Matt Ryan. Among the team’s newcomers is Desmond Ritter (70 overall), rated the highest among rookie quarterbacks. The top-heavy options Atlanta has on both sides make up for the lack of overall depth compared to Chicago or Pittsburgh. Casey Hayward and AJ Terrell are two of their best cornerbacks (89 and 87, respectively).

On offense, they have Calvin Ridley and Kyle Pitts, a second-year tight end. Furthermore, Terrell and Pitts are under 23 years old, making their core much younger. Atlanta has plenty of flexibility if you prefer to fill out a top-heavy roster with reliable veterans and players who are less valued by the game than you are.

Miami Dolphins

Despite Miami’s recent underperformance, the team doesn’t lack talent. On top of Jaylen Waddle, a top-five rookie receiver, the team has added Tyreek Hill (97 overall) to its well-rounded roster.

Tua Tagovailoa is the only real question to answer going forward. He’s still on his rookie contract, so if you decide to move on from him, you shouldn’t have any problem doing so. However, he will have plenty of wiggle room going forward due to the absurd offense he is walking into this year.

Seattle Seahawks

Following several seasons of failure to put a team around Russell Wilson, Seattle moved on from his era. The team lacks a true starting quarterback, although the massive draft picks they received from Denver. As a 66 overall pick, Drew Lock is arguably one of the worst players. Their receiving core and secondary are equally impressive, much like Atlanta’s. Thus, Atlanta hopes to move forward with Desmond Ridder, whereas Seattle doesn’t know who that is.

Detroit Lions

In every aspect, Detroit is caught between two worlds. Outside of tight end TJ Hockenson, they don’t have any young talent on the team with stellar ratings. In addition, he will be playing at a disadvantage if Jared Goff (72 overall) isn’t a better quarterback option.

They expect Aidan Hutchinson to become one of the top pass rushers in the game after a few years of development. They have a lot of young players competing for the same position, either at receiver or cornerback, aside from him. It will be a challenging year for the Lions to rebuild.

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New York Giants

It is similar to Detroit’s situation for the Giants. They have missed significant time due to injury to their high-end player, HB Saquon Barkley. Daniel Jones is a good athlete but isn’t moving fast by Madden standards. Their cap is also heavily invested in non-superstars. As the year begins, the Giants and Lions will likely be regarded as the teams with the hardest rebuild.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Ben Roethlisberger, a future Hall of Fame quarterback, retired from the Pittsburgh Steelers last year. In comparison to Madden standards, Kenny Pickett appears underwhelming. His speed is decent, but he does not possess the ball-carrying ability to make any impact. It is just plain disrespectful of him to have such low passing ratings. However, Pittsburgh does have one of the league’s best defenses at the beginning of the season.

Washington Commanders


Even though Washington has yet to change its name, its core young talent is not going anywhere. There are as many high-end young talents in Washington as anywhere else. There are many great players on this team, including Jonathan Allen (92 overall defensive tackle), Terry McLaurin (91 overall wide receivers), Kendall Fuller (87 overall cornerbacks), Da’Ron Payne (87 overall defensive tackle), Chase Young (86 overall defensive end), none of whom are older than 27.

Additionally, the team is facing a quarterback situation that is one of the most fluid in the game. The Philadelphia Eagles used to have Carson Wentz as their young stud. His point production last season was solid after injuries slowed his progress. At the moment, he’s merely a bridge quarterback until the player signs or drafts a replacement. The prospect of Washington returning to form in real life could make him an excellent stealth contender in year one of the Franchise.