Louise Thompson Proudly Shared the Effects of her 90-day Challenge

Louise Thompson, a popular reality star and influencer, has recently shared a set of attractive pictures where she showed everyone the results of her fitness challenge that lasted for 90 days. She looked so proud of the results that she even made a joke by comparing her with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The 30 years old Instagram star recently shared photos on this social network with the comment where she says how she is physically strong and mentally even stronger. She started her 90-day challenge in January, and we can see that she managed to drastically tighten up her body, and many people are interested in the methods that she was using during workouts.

Louise also added that her success and persistence to don`t give up during the challenge made her feel mentally more powerful and with increased confidence.

She feels that her post will motivate other people to start practicing more. Also, she is offering her guidance for fitness and health program that she named as 90-day Octagon fitness, and each interested person can get than workout plan for 129 pounds. The 90-day Octagon fitness plan will get you access to live streams of practicing with Louise four times a week, weekly motivation videos, and a monthly diet plan.