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Lord Conrad – A Multitalented Artist Of Italian Origin

The music industry is one of the largest entertainment ones and we are now able to listen to hundreds of artists in almost any genre that was ever invented. Still, a trend is that house and hip hop music are becoming quite popular and rock and dance music are slowly fading away. Though in the 80s or 90s you wouldn’t be cool if you didn’t listen to ABBA or Guns N Roses now it is Drake, David Guetta, Nicki Minaj who are the main stars and idol figures to youth population. Everyone has a free right to listen to whatever they want and you don’t have to bound by modern and popular music. Yet, it is nice to see that certain artists are accompanying old school beats and rhythms along with modern electronic music sound to achieve something that can be listened by people no matter the age.

Lord Conrad is an upcoming DJ star who has already released five hit singles and has been rocking the stage for a few years now. He is coming from Milan, Italy and has developed a unique style that is recognized wherever he goes. And he always likes to suggest the goal he wants to achieve is spread positive vibes and message through the sounds of his music. We have to agree he is doing a pretty good job so far and his Only You and Touch the Sky singles have been on top of many clubbing charts for quite a time. Without further ado let’s read something more about him and how did he come to be the new electronic music star!

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Something About Lord Conrad

Now, let’s get one thing straight – Lord Conrad is not only an excellent DJ but he is an actor and a former model too, and he still likes walking down the show stage from time to time. He started his career as a dancer in various Milano clubs and very soon became popular for his looks and appeal. A few years ago, in 2017, he decided to try himself in the music industry and he immediately hit the jackpot with the hit single Touch the Sky. Since then, Lord Conrad has released a few more songs with the Only You being his newly released single that carries a powerful message. It is safe to say Lord Conrad is just starting and he has much more in store for all of us!

His Two Hit Singles

His Touch the Sky single probably has one of the best music videos of all times when it comes to the electronic genre. A lot of action, fast cars, and sexy girls – it is what describes Lord Conrad in just a few short words. A video featuring him and his girlfriend being kidnapped by a bunch of random sexy girls, while the bold bass and rhythm are rocking in the background is something you are sure to enjoy.

On the other hand, the Only You offers us a completely different view on his style and the song was dedicated to the victims in Ancona tragedy. A couple of months ago, few teenagers died during a hip hop concert held in an Ancona club when the stage crashed injuring and killing the ones that were in the first row. A powerful song featuring old school rhythms and a modern bass. Lord Conrad’s idea was to suggest that life is relative and we never know what is going to happen in the upcoming minutes so we should always care about ourselves and our loved ones and get the most out of it while we are still there!


Lord Conrad is a young artist with a big idea. He doesn’t only want to become a world-renowned DJ but he wants people to see him as a positive influence to the younger audience and an example on how a positive mindset and living in the moment are the things that make you happy. He has been only a few years on the stage and has already made quite a few hit singles – a perfect start for what could be an amazing career!


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