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Linear Actuators for Industrial Implementation

Linear motion systems have long ago become an integral part of the engineering and industrial sectors. Such systems are increasingly being used in need to achieve maximum accuracy of a linear movement for machines and assemblies. An integral part of the linear motion mechanisms is electric linear actuators. These are industrial electronic devices that transform the rotational movement of the motor shaft into a straightforward linear motion. Actuators inherently act as a reduction gear, thereby significantly increasing traction.

Despite the universality of linear actuators, when choosing them, it is recommended to pay attention to some aspects that determine the purpose, scope and other expected parameters of the actuator. To select the most appropriate actuator unit, customers have to determine what kind of linear motion is needed. It is possible to set horizontal and vertical movements with different stroke lengths.

Specifications Important for Industrial Purposes

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Then, customers should pay attention to the loads, while taking into account the weight of the object (the maximum load is always indicated in the technical specification) and the friction force. Also, to calculate the expected travel speed should be taken into account the weight of the load that is supposed to be moved by the electric actuator. For example, the 3000 lb linear actuator is usually used for industrial purposes as its force is pretty enough to perform complicated duties like machine-building tasks and engineering applications. Its stroke length can be adjusted from 4 inches to 40 inches which makes it a versatile instrument in the proper hands. Also, linear actuators may differ optionally, depending on the capabilities of the given programs and control conditions. If necessary, the speed and movement can be controlled with the help of special controllers. Get more on this site –

Why Choose Progressive Automations

Actuator solutions of PA manufacturers can be distinguished thanks to their customer-friendly prices, smart inner construction, and convenient outer dimensions that allow using them in almost all cases when a small but, at the same time, quite powerful linear motion automation mechanism is required. Moreover, the adjustable design allows using high force industrial actuators of PA for different industrial operations like opening shutters, moving workpieces in conveyors and other equipment, moving machine tools. These actuators may also be of the extreme convenience for furniture with adjustable backs and countertops, medical beds, wheelchairs, agricultural equipment, and many other tasks that demand the implementation of the linear motion automation systems.

Customer Friendly Linear Actuator Design

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All of the products supplied by Progressive Automations come with the 18-months warranty that prevents customers from being unlucky to face with ignorance of their customer rights. Also, industrial electric linear actuators, as well as other PA products, can easily be used with specially designed control boxes, mounting brackets, rocker switches, and power supplies. The convenient design of all these products makes it possible to assemble the linear motion automation construction by yourself even when not being familiar close with the details of engineering. Of extreme importance will be industrial actuators that allow use them within other more complicated devices seamlessly and effectively. These industrial products can serve to both personal purposes and automate the certain linear motion processes at factories, plants, etc.

The construction design of industrial electric linear actuators makes them heading the list of the most powerful and most convenient engineering solutions of the last decades. With adjustable technical specifications, these linear motion mechanisms can perform almost any kind of work wanted. They can be used for a variety of purposes with the same high effectiveness and convenience. This technology is increasingly appreciated due to solid construction that doesn’t require regular maintenance. Use it once and feel comfortable for a long time.