3 Possible Reasons Why You Are Leveling So Slow In Wow Shadowlands

The hike for multiplayer role-playing games in the market will remain constant, and hence more developers are trying to develop more games that fulfill the needs of full-time gamers. These role-playing games are impressive as most gamers consider themselves the character inside the game.

You must have seen many role-playing games, but one of the most impressive universal role-playing games is the wow shadowland. This game was first launched in 2019 and was first available for preorder in November. Blizzcon made this game available in the market for preorders.

The first level of this game features an impressive concept of level squish, which proves that the complete game will remain unique and exciting. From the beginning till the end, gamers can find a lot of twists and turns in completing each mission successfully. You might have seen some impressive versions of the same game earlier, and now the developers have developed this new version with the motive of creating interest among ordinary people as well.

But most players might have a feel of leveling slowly in a wow shadowlands game, so to make them achieve proper leveling, we have mentioned some possible ways that may slow down the leveling process. Lf Carry may help people find the solution for leveling the game correctly.

3 Reasons Why You’re Leveling Slow In Wow Shadowlands Game

1.  Skipping Intro Quests Might Result In Slow Leveling

Some people might prefer skipping the intro quests and starting the missions. Initially, you may feel that the missions are moving fast, but you may think that the leveling process is slow after some time. Generally, intro quests might have some serious points, and by looking into the issues, players can get to know some important tips and tricks. These tricks might help players clear the most important quests in the middle of the game.

So never quit the introduction quest in wow shadowland to reach max levels with ease. Some players have also reported that they have just reached 23rd level after playing for more than 14 hours. But some other players have reported that they have cleared almost 50 decks in just 6 hours, so it is a must to play the game by following some basic procedures to level up quickly. Questing in Sl might slow down the process, but it’s a better way to reach max levels quickly in the long run.

But after the launch of sandalwood, the leveling process has been changed drastically. The character max levels have been decreased from 120 to 60, which might support some players.

People might think that maxing has been made easy, but it’s not true. As the max level decreases, each level equals two quests, which means the levels have been made more challenging than the previous versions. But this has made the game a bit interesting as passing each level needs strategic planning.

2. Sprinting From Quest To Quest Might Slow Down The Leveling Process

Warcraft and the burning crusade remain the same from the beginning as players cannot witness even a small change in the updated versions of the game. The main aim of developers is to retain uniqueness throughout the game.

Developers focus on creating a game that has explorations and discoveries than the story lineup of the game. This exploration and discovery-related role-playing game will always have a separate position among gaming lovers. Jumping from quest to quest has been made easy, but this process has a drawback.

When you prefer to jump from quest to quest, there are possibilities of losing hope in the leveling process as it slows down the complete process. Moreover, jumping up quests might confuse some players. So never try to jump quests to avoid confusion in the future. One of the best parts of this new update is that the players are no longer expected to consume unequal chunks of 15 years’ complete story to reach the current level.

So the max level has been decreased to improve the stability, which eventually increases the game’s toughness. But strategic planning can help you in clearing all the levels with ease. In the latest update, there is no need for players to search for adventures in that big world map but can find some unique adventures by just visiting the game’s main menu.

3. Getting Shadow Patches Pre-Patch Exp Buffs Might Help In Leveling Up Quickly

The older versions of the game might have some older xp buffs, but those xp ranks cannot be used in this new version. The lucrative experience bonuses have been turned off in this new version. But still, people can avail themselves of the experience bonuses if the player has an existing character in the game, so it is a must to have a pre-existing character to avail the delivery mule of the game. A drought of ten lands has been introduced in the existing gaming strategy, and hence it helps in the expansion of territories in the short run.

Buying the exp using gold is impossible but trading 5 7th legion medals in battles might help players in Azeroth’s Boraluz zones. The portion might last for a maximum period of 1 hour, so if you prefer to maximize the levels, then it is a must to use some gold for the pre-existing character used in the game.

The best and most recent expansion in the game is the drought often lands so people can utilize that is a rare instance. It grants an exp buff even after the patch 10 % level.

Final Words

Hence in this article, we have seen some exciting points that slow down the leveling process in the wow shadow game so people can use this guide and try not to repeat the mistakes that are mentioned above. Try to figure out the right method for leveling up quickly. People should play the game until the end, as some may leave the game in between because of the leveling issues.