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Moving is a very stressful process. No matter how many times you move, you will always experience some challenges when moving. From packing your items to loading and unpacking, the entire process is not a simple one.

But with some planning and getting help from the relevant people, you can manage to reduce the amount of stress experienced when moving.

For example, if you can hire commercial movers to help you move, you can be assured they will handle the most stressful tasks. They can help you pack, move the large boxes and furniture pieces, and unload the boxes.

Nevertheless, it is a good idea to learn how you can reduce stress when relocating from one apartment to another. Below are 9 ways on how to lessen stress when moving.

9 Tips on how to lessen stress when you move

1. Make sure you plan ahead

One of the best ways you can lessen the stress associated with moving is by planning ahead. If you can avoid the rush, you can be able to pack properly and move your belongings with ease.

Hence, plan ahead. You need to pack your items, load them in the moving truck, and get them out of your old apartment before a deadline. By planning before time, you will manage to get the right packing boxes, hire the best movers, and ensure even the fragile items are well packed. In addition, you will be able to get the new place ready for moving in.

Also, when hiring a professional moving company, do not wait until the last minute. Make sure you research them, go through online reviews, and compare various estimates.

2. Pack as early as you can

Once you know you are moving, you need to start packing. Keep in mind that you might have a lot of things to pack. If you have several rooms, pack items you do not use every day.

For instance, you can start packing books, kitchen utensils you do not use, or clothes. So, instead of waiting until the last minute, start packing in advance. You can begin three to four weeks before moving out. Just leave items that you need until the last day of moving out.

Also, by packing early, you will be able to pack properly, label the boxes well, and avoid the stress linked with packing. In addition, you will ensure you get the right boxes for packing.

3. Some things might not go as expected

No matter how much you try, some things might not go as expected. For instance, your family or friends, the moving truck driver, the electrician, or the plumber helping you move might not be there on time.

They may come late, get caught in an emergency, or fail to show up. Hence, you need to assume that not everything will go as planned. Unless you engage office movers to handle everything for you, expect to be disappointed.

4. Unpack everything quickly

One of the main reasons why most people are stressed out when moving is the drastic change in the environment. Moving to a new area means leaving the familiarity of the old home. It might also be a challenge to adjust to the new neighborhood.

But keeping your belongings packed may intensify the stress associated with moving. Therefore, you need to unpack the boxes as soon as you can. This will ensure you start settling sooner than later.

5. Have a few rest days

If you are moving to a new state or you are relocating to start a new job, take a few days off. Keep in mind that moving is a stressful process that might drain you physically and emotionally.

However, do not use the rest days to pack or unpack the boxes. Rest days are days for resting after moving to a new place. So, after you finish packing your belongings, take a rest and get familiar with the new surroundings. The day will help you lessen the stress related to moving.

6. Be calm

When you get the news that you need to relocate to a new area, you need to remain calm. Do not hit the panic button or start worrying about the process. Even though decisions made suddenly can affect you, you need to remain calm.

Also, no matter how stressful the move might look, remain calm and believe in your abilities. Whether it is a DIY move or you have hired professional movers, you need to understand everything will go well.

Keep in mind that a successful process can only be achieved through good planning and timely organization. Therefore, if you can manage to plan ahead, you can be assured of a stress-free moving process.

7. Do not underestimate the packing process

Most people underestimate the packing process. However, this is one of the most stressful tasks when moving is concerned. You might think that packing will not take too long because your stuff is few, but you need to know that packing always takes more time than expected.

Remember packing is not just a physical activity. It is a task that needs a lot of mental and physical labor. For example, you need to decide what to keep and what to throw away.

8. Get rid of unwanted items

One of the reasons why moving stress escalates is because of having many things to pack and unpack. But if you can manage to get rid of things you no longer need, you can lessen the stress.

Happily, moving time is the best time to get rid of things you do not use or need in your new home. There are books you can give away, appliances you can sell, clothes you can donate, and many other items to throw away.

9. Hire professional movers


Moving your items on your own is stressful and may need more time and money. However, you can lessen the stress if you can engage professional movers. By hiring movers you can be assured of a smooth and stress-free process.

Since they are better-equipped, well-trained, and skilled to handle any kind of moving, they can help you properly pack your items. Moreover, they will handle the most difficult tasks such as packing, moving heavy items, loading, and unpacking.

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