Tips for Choosing the Leather Furniture for your Living Room

It doesn’t matter in which style living room is designed furniture is always the most important part of it. And of course, upholstered furniture is one of the most commonly chosen one. Leather furniture throughout all times was and will be a symbol of wealth and luxury. The difference only is in the fact that previously only rich and prosperous people could afford such furniture and now furniture upholstered in leather can be purchased by anyone.

Thanks to new technologies it became possible to create high-quality artificial leather that shows excellence in exploitation and its price even is much lower than natural leather’s price. Leather furniture in the interior of the living room looks gorgeous and impressive. The main thing is to choose knowing all the aspects that are characterized for leather furniture. And in this article, we will explain how to do it properly.

Advantages of leather furniture

  • This kind of furniture is easily cleaned due to the fact that dirt and dust can be erased and this kind of material doesn’t absorb liquids.
  • Leather has a spectacular image and a chic, rich appearance, so it will look essential in the refined interiors.
  • Leather upholstery is more resistant to abrasion and tearing.
  • Leather is a natural environmentally friendly material and it surely is safe for use.

Disadvantages of leather furniture

  • Leather doesn’t like to be exposed for sharp objects
  • Real leather is quite expensive
  • There are some stains that are difficult to clean from this material, like from pen ink or from a felt-in pen.

Secrets of choosing leather furniture

In the first place, you should pay attention to the upholstery and there is no difference what you are looking for a sofa, a loveseat or for an armchair, genuine leather upholstery should be smooth and soft. The most important thing is to check for dents on it and how well it holds its shape. For this, you just have to sit down. If the sofa quickly acquired its original shape, then the upholstery is of good quality.

Look at the seams with attention and be sure they are qualitative. Double and neatly stitched seams are the best variant.

The next step you should consider is the frame and its characteristics. Every furniture piece is it a sofa, or an armchair is preferable to have a solid frame. And when it comes to sofa it is even better to have a metal frame.

And if we are talking about construction you should choose a comfortable one, so look at the armrests, on the height of the back and seat’s depth. If you have a possibility try to sit on it if you don’t then imagine how it will be felt.

When it comes to colors of the upholstery you should firstly focus on the living room ambiance. But don’t forget that skin can be dyed with natural or synthetic paints. Natural paints color palette is in the small range- beige, black, and brown. The synthetic color scheme is larger and unlike natural paints, they don’t fade over time.

Black and brown leather upholstery is the most common choice, red, green, and white are not so popular. White upholstery isn’t the best choice if you have children, because if it will be damaged or stained it will be harder to remove.

And another important factor if you plan to use the sofa as a bed. Check the transformation mechanism, it should be reliable and convenient.

Here we reached the size category that depends on your needs, your living room’s dimensions, how numerous your family is, and your finances.

Leather sofa

When you hear “leather furniture” what image comes first? Of course, it will be a sofa that is the most favorable living room piece. The Chesterfield Sofa Company mentions that the leather sofa is a symbol of the wealth and sophisticated style of the house owner. Most especially if it’s from a famous luxury brand such as Boca do Lobo, Fendi Casa, Bentley Home, or Chesterfield Sofa Company. It adds up to a room’s ambiance and high-class atmosphere – knowing that not every person can afford such an exquisite piece.

A leather sofa can be an organically inserted element of the modern interiors. But surely its place is in the classic designs. Color variations are wide, however, the black sofa is the most familiar and refined choice. Its nobility is unarguable but white leather also can be quite alluring.

Online stores now provide a wide choice of sophisticated models that without a doubt will fulfill your requirements for the furniture quality. On this site, you can find some refined sofas that can become a perfect part of any living room.

Leather armchairs and chairs

A sofa in the living room can be accompanied by the armchairs, ottoman or loveseat. If all pieces will be with the leather upholstery and in one harmonized style it will look chic and elite.

If your living room is united with the dining area, this kind of set can be enriched with the solid wood chairs with the leather upholstery.  Such chairs look stylish and fashionable.

Tips for using and maintaining leather furniture

If you stopped your choice on the leather furniture in the living room you should know some rules for care that will save furniture appearance and will prolong its life.

  • Leather furniture must not be washed with solvents, with brushes and powders that contain abrasive substances.
  • If a liquid gets on the surface of the furniture, do not wait until it dries by itself, remove it with a cloth.
  • Do not try to dry such furniture with a hairdryer or iron, damage from hot objects will hopelessly ruin the leather upholstery.
  • If you need to remove stubborn dirt from the surface of leather furniture, use only specialized leather upholstery care products.

But if you want to know more about the care of the leather material you should read more in this article.

As a result, we can say that leather can be a beautiful decor element for the sophisticated and refined living room interior for gatherings and meetings. Its unique grain and practical features make this kind of furniture one of the most popular. Pay attention to it, maybe this kind of furniture is quite what you need.

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