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Learn how to make the best brochures for your company to be full of customers!

Creating brochures for dissemination is part of specific marketing actions that are intended to promote products or services. The brochures can easily be shared and the company spreads its message, presents its brand and ensures that the mouth-to-mouth takes on good proportions from a paper.

The leaflet, also called a pamphlet, is a paper with or without folds made to convey the messages of a company’s disclosure. Because it is cheap, it is one of the oldest and most widely used advertising strategies. Choosing to make grocery brochures, restaurant or any other type of business, especially physical retail stores, is a good way to attract customers and increase business revenue.

The rules of how to prepare the best graphic design are related to the product or service offered, the target audience to be achieved and the positioning of the company. The brochure is just that: get the most customers for a trade, but there are other reasons for your production. For instant results you can find a cheap brochure printing online.

Marketing Tips

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What is the brochure for?

Similar to a flyer, paper with product information with 1 single sheet, the booklet can have more content, larger size, thicker paper and more than 2 folds. It is a kind of promotional booklet to draw attention to the items of some company.

It serves to inform, promote products and services in order to sell by drawing the customer’s attention for the visual and informative aspect. The company that bets on leaflets to increase its sales and if making known comes out winning. One should think of 2 other functions of the disclosure leaflet:

A brochure serves to reassure customers by reporting on weekly promotions, ways to purchase discounts, and displaying product prices available over a period of time.

The brochure serves to expand the clientele. It is aimed at various branches of business, from restaurant, hairdresser, gym, pet shop to computer stores, markets and other business segments. It is enough for the enterprise to want to make a printed announcement.

Brochures: where to do, what material to use and what sizes

Graphics and companies called bureau (bureau) provide the service of elaboration of art (colors, text, useful information) and make brochure printing.

The sizes of leaflets are:

– 10x15cm
– 10x20cm
– 15x20cm
– 20x20cm
– Customizable

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The types of brochure papers are:

-Recycled. It has beige or brownish background color, very rustic.
– Offset. Cardboard type, it is more resistant.
– Couch glow or matte. The most used for producing leaflets. It looks stylish, super well presented and has glossy and frosted versions.

Paperweights for booklets can be:

– 115 grams. The most used one.
– 150 grams. More resistant than the 115gr.
– 250 grams. Bit used for grocery and restaurant brochures and more common for magazines for being too thick.
– 300 grams. Thicker than the previous one. Not recommended for daily circulation leaflets.

Hopefully, the above information is useful for you who want to make interesting brochures.