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Leaks of BMW M8 Competition

It’s been around 5 months since the last leak but the BMW M8 has shown its face on the internet again. Pictures have shown up on some forums and on Instagram which shows the M8 Competition in what looks like the Motegi Red color.

Now that we see the BMW M8 without a disguise gives us answers to some questions we had. Firstly it proves that BMW is planning a model above the future M8 Coupe which will be a sporty model of the standard M8.

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The outer air inlets and the diffuser have carbon fiber accents which add some flair to the coupe, while all models have a carbon fiber roof. The M8 Competition also gets a carbon fiber rear spoiler lip which has this aggressive look to it.

What makes it complete are the black exterior mirrors, four tailpipes, and exclusive alloy wheels. Reportedly, the M8 Competition will be released at the same time as the regular one and of course will be more powerful besides the sharper suspension tuning. The standard version should have 630 hp so we expect the M8 Competition to pack around 650 hp.

With all that power and the new M xDrive all-wheel-drive high-performance transmission, this beast of a car should be able to get an amazing 0-62 time. The M5 does that in 3.4 and the Competition model goes at 3.3, so the M8 should blow that out of the water.