Korean Men’s Cosmetics Brand PORMANS Launches New Products

Korean men’s cosmetics brand ‘PORMANS’ has launched an all-in-one essence and body wash for men. Tone-up all-in-one Essence is a men’s all-in-one cosmetics that can treat skin in one step from lotion, essence, and tone up. It has the effect of being instantly toned up when it is applied, and it can even be a whitening effect when used continuously. Glacial milk of Iceland and deep sea water are contained, so skin can be moisturized.

All-In-One Nature Wash enable to wash hair, face and body at once.
It can solve 3 things at once, shortening the time to wash, and the men who are annoyed to wash every day can wash easily and have a satisfactory response.

Ingredients are made of natural ingredients, patented atopic skin, and patented hair and scalp protection.
At the moment of launching, Korean men showed an amazing response, and purchase can be made through PORMANS official homepage.

* Product Name: PORMANS tone up All-in-One Essence

Ingredient 1 Water texture essence by Hawaiian deep sea water and glacial milk of Iceland delivers fresh hydrating and moisturizing skin.
Ingredient 2: Indian mulberry leaf extract, snow lotus extract, banana extract and grapefruit extract enable to care the skin.

* Product information
1) One step product for Skin + lotion + essence + toning up
2) Dual functional products with brightness and wrinkle improvement that delivers not only instantly tone up but also a whitening effect from sustained usage.
3) A moisturizing texture as like lotion and instantly natural toning up when applied.
4) Man’s all-in-one cosmetic that enables to simply manage the skin.

* Product Name:: PORMANS All-In-One Nature Wash

Ingredient 1: Contains ingredients to help protect hair, protect skin and scalp, and improve dermatitis.
Ingredients 2: Natural body wash containing about 20 natural ingredients.

*product information
1) Products that enable to wash hair, face and body at once
2) Contains about 20 natural ingredients, making it easy for people with sensitive skin.
3) It is a natural body but excellent in bubble power and cleaning power.
4) Man’s all-in-one cosmetic that enables to simply clean the skin.

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