Know Your Origins Through Genetics


When we were children, one of our concerns was to know where we come from: what cities or countries our relatives were from. When we grow up, those questions expand to other aspects such as ethnicity, historical ancestry and even the percentage of Neanderthal we have.

Knowing ourselves is fundamental to being able to live a full life. But not only that: it’s also important to know who our ancestors are. That is why genealogy is a science that has gained strength in recent years. But, if you want to go a step further, we recommend you taking a DNA study test like the Ancestrum ancestry test.

This type of genetic studies consist of tests that can be performed at home: a simple saliva sample is enough to know different aspects of our ancestors. In addition to the ease of collecting the sample, another advantage is that they are painless and can be done on anyone – there are even tests adapted to babies.

Once the sample is sent, you receive a complete report in your email. A process that you can do comfortably from anywhere in the world and opens the door to a huge amount of information, some of it unimaginable without a test.

How Ancestry Tests Work?


A DNA test entails the following sequence of procedures from the time of ordering the test until the results are received:

  • The first step is to place an online order. Just follow the simple instructions on the Ancestrum website. You will be able to place the order from the comfort of your home or office, as you can do it from any computer, smartphone or tablet.
  • Ancestrum will send the ancestry test to the location you specify after you have made your purchase.
  • Collecting DNA samples for an in-home ancestry test is quick and easy. Complete instructions are included in the package, but can also be found below.
  • It is imperative that you send the collected saliva sample to Ancestrum.
  • As soon as we receive your saliva sample, they will get to work in the laboratory to determine your family tree.
  • A crucial part of this procedure is the registration of your kit, after which results reports will be created in the language of your choice and sent by e-mail to the address you have provided. Results are usually available within a few weeks.

The procedure for doing an ancestor test is as described above. The ordering, sample collection, and result delivery processes are all streamlined for your convenience.

It is impossible to provide an accurate estimate of the amount of time necessary to finish an ancestral DNA test since it is highly dependent on the amount of time it takes to transport the sample, which in turn is determined by the location from whence the request was made. We are able to guarantee that the process will be quick and uncomplicated for you.

What information can you extract from an ancestry test?


Ancestrum tests are among the most comprehensive on the market. Unlike other brands, in which you receive a report with a single area of performance, this test offers seven different reports regarding your origins:

  • Geographic. Ancestrum has a database with an endless number of samples of individuals whose ancestors have lived in a specific place for generations, so we can determine the course of your ancestors’ history. More than 700,000 genetic markers are extracted from the DNA and analyzed before being compared to the database, which is the foundation of our process. In order to pinpoint your origin and trace your genetic roots, the algorithm looks for any and all genetic discrepancies or similarities among your DNA and all reference samples. For centuries, humans have migrated to different parts of the world in search of a better life or the latest advances. With this test, you can learn from which regions your ancestors come from.
  • Ethnic. The demographic history of a certain ethnic group will be used to draw conclusions about any underlying genetic differences between that group and others. Cultural, social, historical, and genetic elements are all taken into account in the research of ethnic heritage in order to precisely identify ethnic groupings and determine your ancestor’s specific ethnic origins.

We depend on a robust statistical foundation as the basis for the construction of our algorithms, which take into consideration over 300 distinct ethnicities. Because of this, we are able to get specific and individualized information on the racial heritage of your family.

  • Historical. Results on historical ancestry are obtained by comparing the genetic data with a massive database that encompasses samples from all points in human history and all parts of the world. The DNA in these samples was successfully conserved, thus they were retrieved from ancient places. Each sample used by our algorithm relies on a statistical foundation that has been both confirmed and refined.
  • Neanderthal. In order to determine the percentage of Neanderthal DNA, the results of the analyses are compared to samples from archaeological sites where skeletal remains of Neanderthals have been obtained. In addition, the results of the analyses are compared to the findings of other academic studies. In this way, one arrives at a result that is both accurate and backed by empirical evidence.
  • Maternal or Paternal. In this situation, your mitochondrial haplogroup may be traced back to the “ancestral mother” by looking at your maternal lineage. We compare the mutations found in your mitochondrial DNA to a database containing all of the potential haplogroups and the sets of mutations that characterize them in order to identify your haplogroup.

To establish your paternal haplogroup, we analyze your DNA from the male-defining Y chromosome so that we may learn about your ancestors’ genealogy from your father’s side. We do this by comparing your Y-chromosomal DNA changes to those of every known Y-chromosomal haplogroup, which we do by crossing your genetic data with a large reference haplogroup database.

  • Celebrity. In this section, we look at a list of prominent persons, both from the past and the present, and compare their maternal and paternal haplogroups to determine if there are any genetic connections between them.

A few years ago, knowing the origins in such detail seemed impossible. Thanks to companies like Ancestrum and their scientific and technological work, it is within everyone’s reach. Buy a test in just a few minutes, and get ready to be surprised with the ancestry test!