Know When To Stop When Playing Cards With Your Friends

Cards offer us a variety of games to play, and playing BlackJack with your friends can be quite amusing. Now, it is a relaxing game if you decide to play it in your house with your friends and a couple of drinks no real money invested. Playing this card game however at an online live casino is a different story.

This is a game in which you can possibly calculate the outcome, but with four decks being used now it is not as easy as it once was. This card game is not engineered in a way for you to win, but rather for you to lose and that is why you should take extra caution. If you are playing, there are few things to consider and simply know when something is wrong and get out of there. Cheating can happen when you play with your friends, and there are few methods do it. Let’s take a look.

The Methods Of Cheating

When playing card game you have to know that the odds are likely to be against you, and that is why maybe the smartest decision is not to get over invested or used to playing on a regular basis. It is fine to go out there and try out your luck a few times a year, but if it becomes a habit than it becomes a problem. As the host is the one who usually takes the profit, there are a few ways he will assure that it doesn’t go your way – and some of those methods can be named as cheating:

  1. It is known illegal but still pretty present in the card games. A technology that consists of 14 cameras that are there and taking photos of basically any card that comes out. Now, what is this for you might ask? Well, by doing the host can determine whether the deck is hot or cold and thus allow further play or ask for shuffling. The host will usually have an excuse that it is time to shuffle the cards again because the deck is hot and it doesn’t suit him. When the deck is hot, your chances of winning are pretty high, and that is why they won’t allow the possible winner card to come out.


  1. Automatic Card Shuffling. Although some people don’t consider this one as cheating, I do, and I recommend all of you to get out of the table if you see an automatic card shuffler used. It is a device that will save the dealer time and energy of shuffling but also make the possibility of you winning lower. The deck is always neutral, and basically, there is no way you can count the cards (a legal method) and thus predict your odds.
  1. This one is a system some people use – and it basically works as a tracker for your win/loss ratio and tries to predict your next move. Though some like it, this way you will only get tricked by the hosts into playing more – once you are on a bad roll, or making the wrong move when you are actually moving. This type of system gives an unethical advantage to the host and shouldn’t be allowed.


It is pretty simple – if anything seems wrong, or you notice any of these devices or methods present, get out. Engaging in a cheating game is not worth your time even if you play with your friends. Instead, go, get a couple of drinks with your friends and enjoy the night!

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