Kinsey Wolanski Wants to ‘Move to the Jungle’ due to Coronavirus, and she is Searching for her Tarzan

Kinsey Wolanski became popular last year when she invaded security while running across the pitch in a black bathing suit.

No one could take their eyes of the blond bombshell.


Because of that action, she spent five hours in jail.

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The beauty gained over 3 million Instagram followers, and she continues to please them with mind-blowing pictures.


Her latest one, in which she poses in a tiny beaded bikini, has been liked by over 270,000 users.

She captioned the picture, saying: “Moving to the jungle, far away from people……. just need a Tarzan to join.”


Her 3.6 million followers loved the snap. One of them even commented: “Holy smokes!!! You’re drop dead gorgeous!!!”

There is no doubt that this stunner will continue sharing hot pics and displaying her amazing body.