Kim K’s Favorite Hair Color

After experimenting with a bunch of different hair colors during the years, Kim Kardashian West has told us which one she prefers, and it is pretty unexpected.


Chris Appleton, her hairstylist posted on his Instagram a slideshow of many of Kim’s looks in the past – blonde, pink, brunette, green. In his description, he said that he likes the blonde, but Kim doesn’t share his opinion – She commented that she enjoyed her red hair the most!

However, her red look wasn’t hair dye, but a wig that was meant to be used for her promo shoot last year called Beauty Sooo Fire. Despite preferring the red, she chose the blonde wig for the  instead. Kim has already started planning a new hair refreshment once the movement ban has been lifted, and is considering going blonde – Kanye’s favorite but also a high maintenance color. Her hairstylist approves, so perhaps we’ll be seeing blonde Kim again after the quarantine.