Kim Kardashian Bleeds, and Kourtney Cries After their Fight

Season 18 of Keeping Up with the Kardashians started explosively with Kim and Kourtney’s physical fight. Kim has scars to prove how bad things escalated.

This week we were able to see the aftermath of their altercation and a close up look of Kim’s scars.

After Kim said how she and Khloe were the only ones in the family who are reliable and have a proper work ethic, Kourtney tried to defend herself.

Their verbal insults quickly became physical, with Kourt throwing boxed water at her sister and starting the fight. Kim fought back, and they started kicking and punching each other.

However, Kim was the only one who was physically harmed, ending up with several scars.

The sisters were fighting for several minutes, with Kourtney scratching and digging her nails into Kim.

When Kim and Kourtney were separated, Khloe and Kendall tried to calm them down.

Khloe then exclaimed, “Are you crazy?… Did you just try to hit me?” She turned her back towards the camera. “Kourtney, if I hit you, you would be knocked the f*** out.”

The sisters exchanged several more words until the Kourtney left. Later, Kendall joked it was supposed to be her fight.

By the end of the second episode, Kourtney apologized to Kim and even sat down with her younger sisters and their friends, Malika and Khadijah. They were acting as mediators, trying to hash out their differences. We hope that the worst is over and that the sisters will get along better.