Kevin O’Leary Net Worth 2021 – How Much He Earns

Kevin O’Leary is a well-known businessman from Canada. He is also a TV personality but also an author of several books. During participation in Dragons’ Den and Shark Tank shows, Kevin received “Mr. Wonderful” nickname. Many people know him for this tag. He stands behind the name of Softkey Software Products, which he is the founder of.

Given that the Conservative Party of Canada was left without a leader, he was considering the possibility of taking office but ultimately gave up in 2017. So, Kevin is a very successful personality and during his career, he had accomplishments in his business that brought him a great fortune. However, what is his net worth? You will find out this in the following text besides information about his personal life and career. Well, let’s start.

Early Life

The full name of this successful businessman is Terence Thomas Kevin O’Leary. His father is an Irishman, and his name was Terry O’Leary, and his mother has Lebanese origin and is called Georgette. Kevin was born July 9, 1954, in Quebec, Canada. O’Leary also has a brother with whom he grew up. Unfortunately, as a child, he experienced a divorce of his parents, and later his father died of the consequences of alcoholism.

After the death of his father, Kevin’s mother married George Kanawaty. Since his job required work in different locations, the whole family often had to change the place of residence. Also, Georgette is very successful as a business executive, so it can be said that Kevin inherited talent for doing business from her.

As for education, O’Leary attended Stanstead College and St. George’s School. He also graduated from the University of Waterloo as a B.A, while in Western Ontario he became a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in the field of entrepreneurship. Since 1990, Kevin has been married to his wife, Linda. The couple has two children. They had a short break in 2011 but have been together again since 2014.


O’Leary’s career began in 1979 when he was an assistant brand manager in Nabisco. He was also one of the founders of the Special Event Television (SET), who was broadcasting sports content as well as some documentaries. After deciding to sell his shares in this company, in 1998 he founded the Softkey Company. The Softkey then dealt with CD-ROM-based software.
As the company’s earnings grew in the 1980s and 1990s, Kevin decided to buy The Learning Company (TLC), for which he paid $600 million. However, two years later, due to large losses and inefficient operations, TLC sold it to Matter for $4.2 billion. This happened in 1997.

After a somewhat worse situation in his business, O’Leary decides to invest $500k in StorageNow Holdings, which turned out to be a good decision because he managed to make $4.5 million when selling his shares.

Some of his business ventures are related to O’Leary Funds, ETF and Investing, and O’Leary Ventures projects. Also, in his career, he has been part of several TV projects such as Discovery Project Earth on Discovery Channel, Dragons’ Day, Redemption Inc., The Lang and O’Leary Exchange in collaboration with CBS and, of course, Shark Tank.

Awards & Achievements

As far as his achievements are concerned, we must point out his books to which he is the author. These are Women & Money, and Cold Hard Truth on Family, Kids and Money, Cold Hard Truth: On Business, Money & Life as well as Cold Hard Truth on Men.

Net Worth of Kevin O’Leary

So, how much is the net worth of Kevin O’Leary? During his career, he was part of several companies that had been doing business successfully, but also part of several TV projects. This activity brought him a net worth of $400 million.