People are Furious at the Kardashians and Other Celebrities Bragging About their Luxurious Lifestyle in Self-Isolation

Many celebrities around the world are sending the simple message-to stay at home, which is nowadays essential. However, people started being annoyed with those messages since they come from their mansions with huge yards, private gyms, and pools.

Self isolation celebrities

People complained that this is not the right time for them to brag about their wealth.

Kourtney Kardashian posted a photo on her Instagram account, riding a horse in her private property. Also, Kylie Jenner mentioned that she is prepared for isolation since she spent months at her house when she was pregnant. However, she did not mention that her house is bigger than most of the buildings we see.


Arnold Schwarzenegger is enjoying in his private warm pool, while Mariah Carey points out that working out is essential. She posted videos of herself in her private gym.

Also, Ellen Degeneres was bragging with her enormous backyard.

In addition, Cardi B and Justin Bieber were recording their luxurious homes.

Some fans say that celebrities went over the top with these updates, but others don’t mind this at all.

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