Kai Greene Net Worth 2020 – Bodybuilder, Personal Trainer, Artist and Actor

Leslie Kai Greene is a famous IFBB American bodybuilder. Apart from bodybuilding, he is known as a personal trainer and a fitness enthusiast. He was a first runner-up on Mr. Olympia competition in 2012. 2013 and 2014. He is very successful in his line of business. Here we are going to see a little bit more about his personal life, his career and of course what’s his net worth.

Kai Greene’s Early Life


Kai Greene was born on 12th July 1975, in Brooklyn, New York. He did have a blissful childhood because he grew up in residential treatment centers and foster care. But his potential could be seen even in his young years. In school, his English teacher recommended him to start bodybuilding and join competitions for bodybuilding. At one moment he was aware that he is much more talented than others, so he eventually joined the competitions and started his career as a bodybuilder.

Other Side of His Life


Something that is not typical for bodybuilders and other people involved in sports is his artistic side. Kai managed to master drawing self-portraits. He is very good at it, and he is very proud of his skills. Because of his artistic side, he got a lot of attention and appreciation.


Back in the year of 1999, Kai was the first in the NPC. After that, he took a break for five years, but that break wasn’t for nothing. He worked very hard on himself and he trains very hard. He had a come back in 2004, and in that year, he won a trophy for the second time. This win made a dream of his came true, he joined IFBB.

In 2011, he won the New York Pro Championship and he was third in the Mr. Olympia competition. In 2012, he won second place in the competition. In 2016, he won the Arnold Classic Competition, the same title that he won many years before, in 2009 and 2010. In the year 2009, he started a documentary with Mile Pulcinella, that was called “Overkill”. He also had an actual acting gig, he starred in the season two of “Stranger Things”. But this wasn’t his last acting gig, in 2016 he starred in the movie “Crazy Fist” and after that in 2017, he signed another movie collaboration.

That same year he withdrew from the Mr. Olympia competitions, where he was the first runner-up for three consecutive years, from 2012 to 2014.

Nothing of this would be possible if he wasn’t committed to his work. He worked very hard and he earned everything with pride. He became very successful and very well known in his line of business. He is very appreciated among his colleagues, all around America and the world for everything that he did.

Kai Greene’s Net Worth


When Kai Greene first started training, he was only earning around $1k. That was nothing compared to the amount of money he had to give on his diet. He had a very strict diet plan, because it is not possible to become a bodybuilder without your body growing properly, and for that, you need a lot of money.

After he won a few of Arnold Classic competitions he earned a nice amount of money. For every win, he got around $130.000. Taking that into consideration and every other smaller competition that he took part in, Kai Greene’s net worth now is around $1.5 million. And that is great for someone that grew up in foster care and someone that didn’t have support or backup from anyone. Kai Greene is the example that if you are talented and if you work very hard for something that you want, you can achieve anything.

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