Jordyn Woods’ Secret Tattoo Might be About Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods used to be the best friends, but Woods made a huge mistake when hooked up with Khloe Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend. After that, the two friends have started acting like bitter strangers to each other.

Since their public falling out, they have occasionally mentioned each other from time to time. But, for the most part, it ended up with them keeping their distance from each other.

Even though it seems like Kylie is perfectly fine not being Wood’s friend anymore, Jordyn does give her followers subtle hints that she actually misses her ex-BFF.

Recently, she shared a tattoo on social media, and Kylie’s fans quickly assumed that it was referencing the reality star.

Back in August of last year, Jordyn had a new tattoo on the side of her forearm. It was obvious that it was a series of different words, but the letters were too small to see exactly what the tattoo had said.

Recently, however, she posted an up-close photo of her new tat, which read: “What’s meant for me will never miss me.”

Apparently, the quote was taken from an Arab Muslim writer named Al-Shafi’i’s quote: “My heart is at ease knowing that what is meant for me will never miss me and that what misses me was never meant for me.”

Since she got the tattoo only six months after her cheating scandal with Thompson, many of the fans assume that the tattoo was a message for Kylie. On Instagram, one of the fans wrote: “No wonder Kylie isn’t your friend anymore.”

Another one added: “Kylie is shaking right now.” However, some fans think that Jenner doesn’t care about the tattoo.