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Joji Miller – YouTube made star

Personal life & Education

Joji was born as George Miller on the 18 September in 1992. We should also mention that he was born in Osaka, Japan, which would explain his alias name. It is also worth mentioning that he comes from a mixed marriage. Namely, his father is of Australian origin while his mother is of Japanese origin. He was born, raised and educated in Japan. He went to Canadian Academy which is an international school based in Kobe, Japan. He finished his education there in 2012. When he finished his education in Kobe, he decided to leave Japan and travel to the USA. He still lives in the USA, i.e. in Brooklyn, NYC.

The Filthy Frank Show (2011–2017)

From the earliest age, George was very interested in YouTube and he thus decided to create a character called Filthy Frank. He made this character while being very active on a channel he owned and which was called DizastaMusic. The content he used to post there was mainly based on comedy. He started this in 2011 and after a while, people started to like this channel and what he did. The main thing that he used to do was to be an anti-vlogger. It should be also mentioned that he did a video before even creating Filthy Frank and the video was posted on the 19th June in 2008 under the tile Lil Jon falls off a table.

When we are talking about the ratings of DizastaMusic in 2019, we should mention that the channel currently has 880K subscribers and it has had almost 170 million views. It should be also added that he also announced the end of his posting videos on this channel on the 15th August 2014. The reasons why he announced and decided to do this was because he had some problems with copyrights.


Filthy Frank channel had a lot of series, some of them include Food, Japanese 101, Wild Games, Loser Reads Hater Comments and many more. All of these were extremely interesting and popular among the audience. When we are talking about the channel called TVFilthyFrank, we should mention that his ratings are excellent and that his videos and this channel are very popular. This is supported by the fact that he has 6.3 million people who are subscribed to this channel and he has had more than 881 million views from the moment of its creation until April 2019. We should mention that this is the result due to the success of the two series he has created on the channel and they are Japanese 101 and Cringe of the Week (COTW). Furthermore, he has also created a channel called TooDamnFilthy and this one already has 2 million subscriptions and 293 million viewers.

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We should also mention that George decided to write a book, which he announced on the 27th of September in 2017. He also revealed that the book would be called Francis of the Filth.

Health problems

When he was on the top of his career, Joji Miller decided to end his career. In the statement he gave to the media and his fans, he elaborated that he decided to do this due to health problems that he has. On top of all this, he also added that there is currently the lack of inspiration and interest in continuing what he has been doing for a long time.


It should be also mentioned that this man is actually the founder and creator of the movement that resulted in the creation of various memes. He may be considered the founder of the internet meme movement. We should also mention that Harlem Shake is also one of his legacies.


Joji also tried himself in music. He used two alias names in music, the first one being Pink Guy and he made two albums: Pink Guy in 2014 and Pink Season in 2017. He decided to continue his career as Joji and released two more albums: In Tongues (EP) in 2017 and Ballads 1 in 2018. His music has been described as a mixture of various genres since it combines some elements of rap, R&B, electronic music and trap

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