Jobs that you can get without experience

We are living in a dog-eat-dog world and you have to do loads of work to put yourself in a desired position in your career but also in your private life. In capitalism, it is a custom to switch jobs as you see a better opportunity, increasing your experience and knowledge as you move on step by step. This procedure has been repeated numerous times and has a long history full of excellent results and motivation stories in the background.

But the start is always the most demanding part in everything and to search for a job without previous experience is a challenge. Let us take a look at five positions that you can get with minimum experience or without it.

Direct Sales

First on our list of recommended positions for which it is not necessary to have previous experience is direct sales. You will be challenged from start to finish, but you will receive a proper training and learn valuable skills. Usually, people work on commission, which is a risk some are not willing to take. However, the more you try the better your results will be.

 Wearhouse Employee

Warehouse employee is second on our list. In case you don’t know where to start looking, just type in Google “warehouse jobs near me no experience”. The warehouse has through history been a place where experience wasn’t obligatory, but discipline and durability is a must here. You will learn the procedure expected from you whether just cleaning or working with a forklift in the warehouse. The incomes are low in the start, but with time and experience, they will increase simultaneously.

Factory worker

Next on our list is the position in a factory. This line of work doesn’t require education and minimum of experience is a plus. It is a physical and mental challenge when you start whereas the bonuses depend on your effect on the task in hand. Depending on the work hours your incomes can be equally paid off. One of the favorite places for a job for those without experience.

 Night Guard

Number four on our list is the position of the security night guard. You need to be able not to fall asleep during your shift, which proves to be quite difficult. A night guard will be provided with his procedure and training, and the probably biggest obstacle in the way is the night. Minimum of previous experience and willingness to work only night shifts is required. 

 Construction worker

The first job that is associated with people without experience is a construction worker. This is number five on our list. There is always a need for employees in this line of work, while physical strength and durability are something you desperately need for this job. At the end of the day, you will be exhausted, but you will receive a fat paycheck for a day’s work. 

There are plenty of options if you want to start off – just keep your head up because it will get easier. 


Peter is a freelance writer with more than eight years of experience covering topics in politics. He was one of the guys that were here when the started.