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JetSmarter – Easy Way To Flying Private


Let’s face the truth; sometimes commercial airlines can be annoying, to say the least. From having to pack lightly to avoid extra charges, to having to pay for a seat, to risk it all by getting bumped off your flight, flying with commercial airlines is annoying, to say the least.

While everyone loves it when they arrive at their destination, sometimes the stress that comes with flying commercial airlines is more than an inconvenience.

This is why a recent trend has emerged where people fly private. That’s right, people are hiring private jets to get away from the increasing number of inconveniences that come with flying commercial.

One such member of our community is JetSmarter which offers private jet rental all from the clutch of their app. A recent study was conducted, and the study found out that more people are choosing to pay more to get a better service.

According to JetSmarter, their membership database has increased by 110% in the last year meaning that more and more people are subscribing to the idea.

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But what exactly can service such as this offer you?

JetSmarter gives you two ways you can fly through their service, private and shared.

In order to fly private, you will need to find and book the entire jet through their app. You will have to book each seat in order to make it private, otherwise, you can book as many seats as you like and still fly shared. This option usually cots more, since you will need to book all the seats. The second option is to fly shared by finding a jet and booking a flight and tickets. You can book as many seats as you like and enjoy the low-prices in the meanwhile. Flying with JetSmarter can be really cost-effective for your budget. You can fly first class at a much cheaper cost than what you would normally if you fly commercial.

When registering with JetSmarter, you can eighter pay as you go, or you could buy the JetSmarter Membership.

The pay as you go option allows you to book seats on flights and fly worldwide. On the other hand, the JetSmarter membership costs $2,500 and it is your ideal option if you fly more than once per year. There are also a few more perks that come with the membership such as:

  • Fly on both private and shared flights across the world
  • Create both private and shared flights across the world
  • Frequent discounts on pricing
  • You will have priority over non-membership users
  • Access to VIP events where you travel
  • Luxury partner benefits
  • 24/7 personal on flight service
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What are the options for jets?

Since JetSmarter is the leading service for private flights, they’ve partnered with some of the biggest heavyweights in the business. Pilots and aircraft are their priority and they offer some amazing options for flying private. You can fly with a heavy jet, super-midsize jet, midsize jet, light jet, and even a helicopter!

Furthermore, since JetSmarter flies between private terminals, the nerve-wracking experience of waiting 3 hours before your flight is no more! All you have to do is arrive at the airport 30 minutes before takeoff and you’re good to go! No more waiting the never-ending security lines, or boarding problems, flying with JetSmarter eliminates all of that!

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