Jessie J Made a List of Life Goals After Breakup from Channing Tatum

Jessie J uses her coronavirus lockdown to make a list of life goals she wants to achieve when quarantine is over.

The British singer, who broke up with her boyfriend Channing Tatum, took to Instagram to share some items from her bucket list, and it included, “I want to cook with my boyfriend” and “I want to have a baby.”

“I just wrote the longest list of things I want in life,” the 32 year old beauty wrote. “In love, in career, in friendships, in a manager. Sitting here, crying happy tears. It’s all possible. I just have to believe it and go get it.

“We can convince ourselves what we are given or living is what we want. Then there is the danger of not even seeing the parts you do want, be right in front of you, but you are unconscious to it and just focus on the bits you don’t…”

Jessie added: “I have to know what I want in my life and from my life to be able to manifest it… Maybe this moment of still has really made me understand this and see this. And it’s holding me back from my life being full in so many ways. I thought I knew, but I can always go deeper and more detailed. The older you get, the more you know yourself. Dream up the life you want. And work towards creating the closest thing to it… I want people to know ME.”


Speculation about her breakup occurred after Channing failed to post a birthday message for her. However, the singer marked it with a 40-minute solo performance in aid of UNICEF.

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