Jennifer Lopez and Diddy Reunion

With the coronavirus pandemic, everyone is self-isolating right now, even celebs. Staying at home all the time can be boring and exhausting – that’s why some celebrities like Diddy are trying to make the best of it and entertain us all, while also doing some good.

That’s why Diddy went to Instagram live to host a dance-a-thon with many other famous people including Cardi B and Demi Lovato – the reason for this live was also to raise funds for healthcare workers in the midst of this crisis. But what really surprised us is the appearance of Jennifer Lopez. A quick reminder for younger generations: Diddy and JLo were a power couple from 1999 to 2001 – a huge pop-culture staple of the time. This is why this reunion makes us especially nostalgic, almost 20 years after the couple split.

During the live, Diddy, JLo and ARod were dancing together. At one point, the former couple was alone on-screen, and while they were dancing, JLo commented that she actually taught him that move. It’s like we were transported back in time, which helps in these tough times.

Other celebrities like Winnie Harlow, DJ Khaled and LeBron James also joined, showing off their best dance moves. Hopefully, we will be taken on another nostalgia trip during this quarantine in the future.