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Jeep M-175 five Quarter – the concept that takes the breath away

This particular until is just available in the form of a concept and an idea. It would be just one of the six brand new concepts that this company is going to present during the latest, i.e. 53rd, Moab Easter Safari event that takes place from the 13th to the 21st April. According to the fans and reviews, this one would be maybe the most popular during the show.

The concept

We need to say that the manufacturer has an inspiration in 1986 Gladiator when he worked on and prepared this concept. We need to point out that 1986 Gladiator has been a truck produced for the military purposes of the USA.

The design

The concept shows that the manufacturer would go for the front end that would be made from carbon-fiber. Aluminum would be used for the bed. Speaking of the bed, it would be 6 feet long and it would be custom-made with the addition of wood slats and waterjet-cut panels. When the exterior design is in question, we should also add that the manufacturer has decided to go for a convertible roof that would be 3.5 inches lower. The headlights would run on the latest HID technology while the taillights would use LED technology. There would also be auxiliary lights using LED technology as well. The tires that are used are the ones that are of 40 inches and the deadlock of the wheels is of 20 inches.

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In order to be more protected and stronger, the manufacturer has decided to present the concept with rock rails and the bumpers that are made from steel. We should also point out that a lot of attention has been paid to the strength of the unit since it would have the reinforced frame and the suspension system would be a heavy-duty link/coil one.


It is very early to even discuss it, but it is expected that the engine that would be strong enough to keep this unit running is a 6.2-liter engine, and a Hellcat V8 one. This one would have the capacity of providing 700 horsepower.