Javed Fiyaz – The Philanthropist Star

Bragging about your charitable work is deemed to be merely a publicity stunt and ostentation. It is true that the majority uses the charity for attention seeking and nothing more and there is no true spiritual cause behind it.

These voracious people do nothing but mask the good intentions hidden by the real charity and spoiling the true essence of charity.

Philanthropy is a noble action but, unfortunately, it is sometimes associated with bad things thanks to people who use it to redeem themselves for something they had done.

Nevertheless, such personalities are still dwelling on the façade of this heart that can negate this nefarious act of ostentation.

One of the persons we need to mention is Mr. Javed Fiyaz who with his philanthropic nature is on the venture of changing the world’s perspective about the charity and also the mentality of those elites that are determined to ruin the image of charity work and helping others.

Mr. Javed Fiyaz, the philanthropic entrepreneur has multiple businesses in various industries such as Real Estate, Shipping, Oil and Gas, Commodities and also into Information Technology. He is a Belgian entrepreneur of Pakistani descent. One of the main reasons he has been successful is his nature to help others first and not focus on materialistic things.

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Javed Fiyaz Charitable Trust

The Earthquake of 2007 motivated Mr. Javed Fiyaz and stimulated a spur in him to devise a strategy to help the victims.

So, he put his thoughts into action and created the Javed Fiyaz Charitable Trust (JFCT). IT was made for the refugees’ rehabilitation of the 2005 Earthquake but after the primary task was completed, the organization continued by setting other goals as well.

No Child Born to Die

Everybody shares the right to be alive. And when it comes to children, parents can’t afford the loss of the child at any cost.

Sometimes, it happens that the newborns and young children lose their lives prematurely, which is a horror story and something that should be prevented at any cost.

One of the core reasons behind is poverty and lack of money for the treatment of some diseases.

Mr. Javed Fiyaz started the program in the unprivileged area of Umerkot which due to its remoteness from the urban region, was unable to receive proper facilities.

The fundamental aim of the project was to curtail the mortality rate to 30%.

To accomplish the goal they used the following tools including

  • Spreading awareness in parents and the health crew about the ailments and their primitive symptoms.
  • Ensuring the accessibility of health facilities with equipment along with the availability of staff members.

The results of this project were astonishingly promising.

There was a 19% increase in gynecological visits; 46% of women visiting public sector facilities compared to 16% in the baseline study; 89% of women being vaccinated twice against tetanus compared to 64% during the baseline study; and a 38% increase in patients visiting public health facilities in project intervention areas.

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Born To Learn

Multiple approach programs were initiated in 2010 for the endowment of education to the poverty-slacken area of Southwark, England. The poverty rate has amplified up to 35% in some regions.

Education must be our legacy, and every child must have the right to take this opportunity.

This program offers a Trio Project i.e. Eat, Sleep, Learn, Plan (ESLP) Families and Schools Together (FAST) and Born to Read.

Comprehensive Reading is also implemented to enhance the reading skills in youth because with such skills and habits, the students will be interested in self-learning and growth.

Earthquake 2007

In 2007, Pakistan was hit by a devastating earthquake that destroyed a lot of things and killed too many people.

And to make matters worse, the northern parts of the country had already been in ruins due to the October 2005 Earthquake. It took some time to help those in need but years were necessary for the psychological wounds to heal.

JFCT was started in 2007 for the rehabilitation of the survivors of the Earthquake.

Mr. Javed Fiyaz conglomerated with ERRA which was the association formed by the local government as well as military aid.

In that period, JFCT helped to build up a well-furnished school as well as a new hospital in Baagh as it was destroyed in the disaster. Both of them were highly equipped with the latest technology.

Mr. Javed Fiyaz also self-contributed in the phenomenal work and donated a handsome amount for the buying of corrugated sheet metal which was used to rebuild infrastructure.

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The Divine Saviour

Mr. Javed Fiyaz helped thousands and such deeds should never be forgotten.

Psychological healer

A person without inner peace can never stay healthy, and if you have any issue, be it personal or economical, you can’t be mentally stable. Mr. Javed Fiyaz will help those people who struggle financially. You cannot think reasonably with an empty stomach, but once you are not worrying about your existence, you will be back on track. The projects of Mr. Javed Fiyaz that help children to get promised health benefits, basic education facilities are lessening the tensions of a large number of families.

Portraying a positive image of the elites to the world

Not all the elites in this world are greedy. Mr. Javed Fiyaz charity works are negating all the infamous myths about the influential figures.

Mr. Javed Fiyaz, set a tenacity in life to give a course to the life of disoriented people. Those people whose life lacks any facet are on his predilection list. The health and education support to the people of isolated and retrograde areas illustrates his fortitude, that’s how much humanity is imperative to him and how much precious his country people are to him, but not only people his country but from all over the world.

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