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Is There A Lot of Security Out There These Days?

It’s something that we, as individuals, probably rarely ask ourselves. We get up, go to work, go home, and then repeat. On our way to our destinations, you’re likely to see security in some form or another, but one wonders sometimes as to how much or how little security is out there.

The truth is that there isn’t any reliable number as to how many people are employed by every security company like Nfsecurity in the world, but there are far more people employed in this industry than you might think, and that’s due to just how many uses security has:

Armed transportation is the one that we typically think of when it comes to safety. We think of those big, armored trucks at banks and believe that this is what it’s all about. While it is true that this is one form of security that is provided, it’s not the only one.

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Surprisingly enough, many of those concierges you see in skyscrapers and high-rises are security guards. They might be dressed in what looks like a dandy concierge uniform, but they’re trained security! The reason for this is the realization that, in an emergency, that person needs to be more than just a college student. They need to have the training to deal with the numerous things that can happen in that situation.

Corporate security is something that often gets mistaken for the protection that’s hanging around in the lobby. The truth is that today, with all of the threats that have popped up in the last twenty years, corporations are concerned for their people and their property. Hiring private security is normal.

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There is another security service that you’ve probably noticed more often now, then before, and that is when you go to a significant event, like a concert or a football game. The reasoning behind this one is usually the possibility of a major attack, but the truth of the matter is that it’s more to make sure that the big crowds come into the stadium in an orderly manner, have a good time, and then leave in an orderly manner when it’s done. They’re also there to make sure that person next to you who’s picking fights gets removed!

A more glamorous focus of modern-day security is protecting celebrities, politicians, and CEOs. You’d be hard-pressed to find any person of importance today without at least one security guard protecting him or her. Depending on the importance of the person, and if there might be any threats against them, entire teams of security could be assigned to them!

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There is also a rise in security needs for institutions. This was something that was handled with little notice decades ago, but the possibility of legal issues and legitimate threats to major institutes have required a different approach. Today, any hospital, town hall, or department of motor vehicles usually has security. Believe it or not, many of these security guards aren’t government agents, either. They are private security forces.

A new form of security is one that you’re likely to never notice and that’s mobile security. No, these aren’t people who guard your mobile phone for you! These are security guards who patrol major installations and company buildings in cars, looking to ensure that buildings and properties remain safe. This is one that you probably would never notice unless you were parked on the street at night looking for them!

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Another new branch of security that has come about is neighborhood protection services. This one is something that you may have never seen before at all, depending on where you live. Among more affluent neighborhoods has come the desire for enhanced security. In these cases, it isn’t about having no confidence in the local police force. If they’re called the neighbors still believe that they will arrive quickly. This is more of a preventative step. Police are, after all, usually called in after something bad has already happened. A neighborhood protection service is actually there to patrol the area and do things like preventing break-ins and make sure that people on the sidewalks and on their lawns aren’t harassed by anyone. They can also be there to act in situations that might escalate, such as at a house party, and prevent violence from occurring in the first place.

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The one place where security exists where you’re unlikely to ever see them is in planning. Many companies need to plan events and secure locations long beforehand. Today’s security companies actually work with many businesses and event planners to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

So, is there a lot of security out there? Don’t worry, they’re not watching everybody, but they do provide more services than you might have thought they did.

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