Is Netflix the Only Platform to Stream Jessica Chastain Movies?

The 94th Anniversary Awards Show witnessed Jessica Chastain bring home the Supporting Actress in a Prominent Role Oscar, a triumph many would consider having taken a long time to come.

She is a Californian native also recognized for blockbusters such as 355 and slasher movies like It: Chapter 2, as well as superhero pictures like X-Men: Dark Phoenix; she has provided several other portrayals.

With numerous comedies, romances, and dramas, you can smile, cry, sigh, scream, rage, or do whatever else you want. You can find a long list of movies on Netflix NZ or any other platform.

It was her third consideration; she was formerly honored as Actress in A drama series in 2012 for The Help and Best Actress in a Female Lead in Zero Dark Thirty the following year. She received the nomination for her work in the 2021 film The Eyes of Tammy Faye.

Let’s review these accomplishments by watching some of Jessica Chastain’s best films, which are currently streaming, accessible on electronic rentals, or available on physical media. But, first, let’s start with the Academy Awards, which deemed these performances her best.

The Help (HBO Max)

Meetings among Black maids for just a memoir on their perspectives on the White women who engaged them in 1960s Mississippi are undertaken by youthful, ambitious screenwriter Emma Stone alongside Oscars nominees Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer

Perhaps that is one of the Favorite Documentaries Starring Jessica Chastain:

As even the kind-hearted, scorned aristocrat Celia Foote in Tate Taylor’s 2011 screen adaptation of Kathryn Stockett’s novel The Help, Jessica Chastain garnered their maiden Award nomination. You can also watch House of the Dragon on HBO Max.

Zero Dark Thirty (Amazon Rental)

Jessica Chastain portrays a Secret agent that spends so much time digging out the mysterious disappearance of fugitive extremist Osama Bin Laden while battling the internal spiritual struggle and psychological suffering of using dreadful interrogation techniques.

While it’s Among the Favorite Documentaries Featuring Jessica Chastain:

Oscar-winning movie director Kathryn Bigelow recommended Jessica Chastain for a second Academy Award for her enthralling portrayal as the protagonist in Zero Dark Thirty, which was initially supposed to be a chronicle of the futile pursuit of the 9/11 attack’s mastermind preceding its apprehension ten years later. Read Zero Dark Thirty reviews online.

Take Shelter (Tubi)

Having commenced to experience a sequence of bizarre, foreboding glimpses of an impending catastrophic event, a construction worker (Michael Shannon) continues to mistrust his family’s protection and sanity.

Whether it Ranks Among the Favorite Documentaries Starring Jessica Chastain:

They are considering their captivating portrayals as a spouse and husband imperiled by one’s deteriorated psychological health.

Take Shelter is a superb, devastating relationship drama by filmmaker and writer Jeff Nichols. I consider Jessica Chastain and Michael Shannon ought to have been nominated for Academy Awards.

Jolene (Tubi, Pluto TV)

Jessica Chastain portrays an adolescent orphan who, at age 15, undertakes a voyage across the country alone. Despite yearning for some semblance of stability, she encounters heartache and disillusionment at every turn.

Perhaps it is Among the best Documentaries Featuring Jessica Chastain:

Jessica Chastain debuted in 2008 in the titular role of Jolene, director Dan Ireland’s heartbreaking adaptation of the novel by winner author E.L. Doctorow, following a series of appearances in Television programs like ER.

The Tree of Life (Hulu)

As he recalls his troubled affair with his father (Brad Pitt) when growing older in Waco, Texas, in the 1950s, a frustrated, modern adult (Sean Penn) fought back with issues related to life, aim, and belief.

Why this Jessica Chastain Film is Among the Finest:

The Tree of Life, a weird, creative, and thought-provoking identity crisis that only director and writer Terrence can create, is the film that Jessica Chastain seemed to have the most decisive influence on her career and thus is the toughest to witness once more for how flawlessly it manages to capture her “life and soul.”

Lawless (Rental)

In the middle of unwelcome partnership offers and the appearance of a fraudulent policeman (Guy Pearce) in Anxiety Virginia, three brothers (Tom Hardy, Jason Clarke, and Shia LaBeouf) battle to keep a whiskey enterprise alive.

Why it Ranks among Jessica Chastain’s Best Movies:

In Lawless, a 2012 dramatization of Matt Bondurant’s historical fiction The Rainiest State in the World about his relatives, Jessica Chastain stole the spotlight playing Maggie Beaufort, a waiter. The latter finds love in Hardy’s Forrest Bondurant. Nick Cave penned Lawless.

Interstellar (Paramount +)

In pursuit of new opportunities for civilization as the Planet increasingly became unfit, a renowned pilot and science engineer (Matthew McConaughey) conducts a group of scientists on an adventure through the unexplored parts of the universe.

Why this is one of Jessica Chastain’s Best Movies:

The Martian, directed by Ridley Scott, and inspired by Andy Weir’s famous book, is among the best Star Wars films ever made. Although Jessica Chastain wasn’t given a chance to go into space or save Matt Damon in Gravity, she eventually goes out and does it all a year after as the dance Ares III captain, Melissa Lewis.

A Most Violent Year (Showtime)

In 1981 New York, an immigrant (Oscar Isaac) with his spouse (Jessica Chastain) strives to live the American dream by benefitting from the violence and deceit surrounding it but also trying to destroy it.

Why this is one of Jessica Chastain’s Best Movies:

In 2015’s A Most Violent Year, a fascinatingly shadowy time frame piece from the director and writer J.C. Chandor, Jessica Chastain tried to give an exhilarating, chemise Fatale-inspired efficiency exactly reverse her longtime partner Oscar Isaac as her cinematic partner.

It occurred before they both went on to star in X-Men films & eventually reunited for HBO’s Action sequences from a Marital relationship.


In essence, the movies mentioned above establish that Jessica Chastian’s movies are available on a range of streaming platforms other than Netflix. So, subscribe to any of these and enjoy!

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