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Is It Necessary To Have a Prescription for Contacts? [OR IS IT NOT?!]

Contact lenses are getting immense popularity and fame these days due to the convenience and ease of use they offer to their wearers. Besides acting as a fashion essential, contacts are also used by people suffering from weak eyesight. Why? Because it helps you perform your daily activities without getting troubled by glasses, they are easier to maintain, and of course, it gives you great flexibility to become more and more creative.

Contact Lenses VS Glasses

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Since contact lenses perfectly fix over the curvature of your eye, it provides you with a wider field than eyeglasses. Unlike glasses, lenses are not affected by changing weather conditions, dust and fog. You can enjoy clear and better vision with lenses while enjoying massive transformation to your personal style statement.

Contact lenses work great if you’re into any form of physical activity or sports. Today, you can find products for almost all prescription types including multifocal and toric lenses. In short, lenses make your life easy and comfortable.

How to Purchase Contact Lenses in the U.S.?

In the U.S., contact lenses are considered as medical devices, and you must have a prescription issued by a certified ophthalmologist to purchase a pair. Generally, this prescription involves details regarding the diameter of your eye, curvature, etc. Even if you’re planning to buy a pair of fashion contacts to change the appearance of your eye, you would still need a valid prescription for that.

Luckily there are numerous online retailers these days like contact lenses USA who don’t require to show a prescription while purchasing lenses if you already know it. You just need to share the parameters, and they will send the product right away at your doorstep.

Is it Necessary to Have a Prescription for Contacts?

Well, the answer to this question is a definite yes. In the U.S., you’re required to hold a valid prescription to buy contact lenses. Even if you’re willing to buy a decorative pair, you still need to have a prescription to buy it from an authorized dealer.

There is no denying the fact that it provides a great sense of security and comfort when you purchase something while following the legal requirements. However, there are cases when you already know your prescription and feel confident about it. In that case, you can pick a product from any authorized online store that deals in safe and high-quality products.

Is it Safe to Buy Lenses without Prescription?

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As mentioned above, you’re needed to have a prescription before buying contact lenses for you. However, it is still safe to buy lenses without a prescription if you’re aware of your eye parameters and purchase a product from a reliable store.

The matter of fact is, the way you treat your lenses and maintain hygiene has a greater impact than just focusing on a prescription or non-prescription lenses. According to Dr. Quinn from AOA, if used properly, contact lenses are among the safest forms of vision correction.

So, again it all boils down to the correct and safe usage of the product. Some of the most common mistakes people make while wearing contact lenses include:

  • Improper care for hygiene

Washing your hands before applying/removing contact lenses is a very common thing. But, did you know, over 35% skip drying their hands which results in bacterial infections and other issues? Drying your hands is equally important as it protects your eyes from water contact which is believed to be the biggest reason behind redness, irritability, and infection.

  • Prolonged use

According to the 57% contact lens wearers, they wear their disposable lenses longer than recommended or until it becomes bothersome. This is an extremely dangerous practice as it may result in eye irritation leading towards permanent damage to your eyes.

  • Careless Handling of the Case

Eye specialists suggest that one should replace the lens case every 3 months. Also, it’s important that the case should be washed with a disinfectant on a regular basis. Sadly, only 41% follow these instructions.

  • Reusing Solution

It’s important to understand that you should pour a fresh solution each time you apply/remove a lens. Moreover, it’s also crucial that you never compromise on the quality of your lens solution.

  • Sleeping/Showering in your Lens

Sleeping/showering while wearing your lenses can result in severe eye infections. Try to invest in day and nightwear products if you’re guilty of this bad habit. Still, it’s highly advisable to always remove your lenses before sleeping or getting direct contact with water.

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All in all, it’s great if you can visit your doctor and get your eye examination done. But, if you know your prescription and wish to bring some peace into your life, just give non-prescription products a try. Keep in mind, infections and other problems are not always because of a non-prescription pair. Sometimes, careless handling of the product is the biggest reason behind various eye health issues.