Is Dwayne The Rock Johnson Going To Be New Superman?

Hobbs & Shaw trailer shows Idris Elba’s villain calling himself Black Superman. Elba’s co-star Dwayne Johnson considers that comment is significant and is affected at a personal level. He told Variety’s reporter: „Maybe someday, we will see a black Superman. You’re looking at him.“

No one knows for sure whether The Rock thought of himself as the next Superman. Truth to be told he does have a habit of promoting his „super“ personality. Since some fans believe he could be the next Superman, let’s see how would that look like.

The Rock Is By All Odds A Star

Johnson is one of the few people for who we can say had a successful transition from pro wrestler to a famous actor. And now he truly is a movie star.

Here is why Johnson refers to himself as black. He was born in Hayward California to a Samoan mother and a Canadian father who has black Nova Scotian descent.

In 1996, Johnson joined WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). Thanks to his physique and charisma, audiences were won over. In 2001, he landed his first film role, in The Mummy Returns, and also in The Scorpion King. The debut wasn’t really promising, but that didn’t stop Johnson from getting new roles. In 2003, he starred in The Rundown, which landed him his first-star vehicle. This is especially interesting because it was a handover from the famous Arnold Schwarzenegger.

As time passed, he was getting more and more roles in movies that were hit, except for some unsatisfactory films including Pain and Gain, and Baywatch. The four of The Fast And Furious movies in which he starred, went on to gross $3 billion in the U.S. and $9 billion worldwide. It is believed that his appearances in the movies had a lot to do with that income. If we’re about to talk in terms of box office clout, Johnson is already Superman.

The Reasons Why The Rock Wouldn’t Be Good For Superman

The superhero part of the role could easily be pulled off by Johnson without a doubt. His body physique is also a big plus for that role. When it comes to the screen presence, it is for sure that his and some other actor’s who played Superman can’t be measured.
But let’s talk about Clark Kent and how he would be presented by The Rock.

Christopher Reeve was one of the actors who played Superman, and it is certain that he got Clark Kent right, which is one of the reasons he succeeded so much in the role. If you don’t agree, just look at the scene in the 1978 Superman when he considers telling Lois Lane his secret. Some believe that even though Johnson is talented, he couldn’t be able to get the role of an awkward worker.

There is also a possibility that the character is rewritten to suit Johnson’s personality, or even that Clark Kent is avoided completely, by Superman not having a secret identity.
Henry Cavill, the person who played the latest Superman, didn’t have many scenes as Clark Kent.

Established roles increasingly experience some changes, including the possibility of Elba portraying James Bond, or Lashana Lynch playing female 007.

In the interview with Variety, Johnson said that more non-traditional roles would happen „as everything builds and grows, (and) you take the temperament of what’s happening in society … especially with franchises and characters and publicly traded companies who are sensitive to that kind of thing.“

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