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Improve Your Business Growth With Custom Soap Packaging Boxes

Custom packaging is the best way to advertise products. There are a million products that require worthy packaging. The packaging is innovating the industry for many decades, and it is improving day by day. However, talking about these boxes and their packaging. We all know that soaps are an essential part of our lives. However, people use them on a daily basis un multiple ways.

However, soaps are used by billions of peoples around the world to clean their body parts. For instance, taking a morning shower, washing face, and hands before every meal, etc.

Just like Daniel Goleman says, “Buying phosphate-free soap allows you to say, ‘My detergent doesn’t have the harsh chemicals others do.’ The question is, how are you washing with it? The very worst thing for the Earth about detergent is that we heat water to use it.”

Celebrities around the world talk about different brands of soaps and the way they came to their packaging too. Now, there are two different scenarios related to soaps and their packaging.

  • First of all, shapes and sizes.
  • Second is the upgrades of these products, such as in liquid form and crystal form.

We will talk about them all in this article in detail, including their packaging styles too.

The Role of Custom Boxes Companies related to Soap:

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Custom Packaging companies like receive orders from the product companies and provide them tons of options that are totally customizable related to their product’s packaging.

However, to select the perfect boxes for the products in up to Companies themselves.

So, the question arose about what type of option do these custom packaging companies provide:

  • Materials Details for the Custom Packaging (including examples).
  • Printing Processes Details.
  • Additional Decorations for the Custom Box Packaging.
  • The Categories of these Packaging.
  • Helpline Service till the last box delivery and further for support.
  • Suggestions for the betterment of the Custom Box Packaging.
  • Custom Boxes companies also provide Prototypes before finalizing the order.
  • It allows you to change the design again and again till the final one came along.

The Details of Materials for your Perfect Custom Soap Packaging:

Talking about the materials and their types. You will be very glad to read that custom box company provide your three types of mind-blowing materials, which cover all the perspectives of your products.

  • Kraft Materials (Solid and Paper Form)
  • Cardstock Material (Light Weight)
  • Corrugated Material (The Strongest Material Ever Exist)

Kraft Materials (Solid and Paper Form):

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Depending upon the Kraft box material, this type of material is made from strong pinewoods. Which definitely means that it is eco-friendly and recyclable as well. Meanwhile, Kraft came in two different colors, Brown and White. It does not contain any artificial color (that’s why it is eco-friendly). Now, Kraft is a strong material used for soapboxes. Soaps and Detergents are in semi-solid form, so that gets easily adjustable in the Kraft packaging.

However, soap packaging that is made from Kraft is full, half, tower, fold flap boxes, and paper packaging.

Cardstock Material (Light Weight):

Cardstock or cardboard are both similar materials with a teeny tiny difference. However, just like I have mentioned about the nature of the soap’s cardstock is the perfect material for them. These products are not heavy material unless it is a bundle. But individually, soaps are comfortably tucked in cardstock packaging.

There are many types of cardstock boxes in the USA; some are engagement ring soapboxes, sleeve layer, ribbon tangled, two-piece boxes, etc.

Corrugated Material (The Strongest Material Ever Exist):

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The custom soap box packaging using corrugated is dust resistant and protects the products from different types of physical activities. Corrugated is basically used for shipping and transportation purposes. Now, there are five types of corrugated boxes.

  • A-flute Corrugated (5mm Thickness)
  • B-flute Corrugated (3mm Thickness)
  • C-flute Corrugated (4mm Thickness)
  • E-flute Corrugated (1.5 mm Thickness)
  • F-flute Corrugated (0.6 mm Thickness)

Talking about the details of types of corrugated boxes. The thickness depends upon the types of the products based on shipping purposes.

For soaps and detergents, E-flute corrugated is the best approach.

Pros of Corrugated:

The corrugated contains a flute layer with two cardboard, cardstock, or even Kraft layers, which are overlapped on the fluted layer. Therefore, this approach shapes into corrugated. The flute creates flexibility, and the overlapped layers make the corrugated strong.

Cons of Corrugated:

Using printing processes on corrugated boxes will make you costliest corrugated boxes in the field. Because the fluted layer of the corrugated absorbs a lot of printings, which will incase become very costly for the companies.

Printing Process for Custom Soap Box Packaging:

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The printing processes make the custom packaging attractive in the market place. Basically, printing is the backbone of the market. Because without the printing processes, no one will look at the custom box packaging.

However, there are three types of printing processes which will be discussed in detail.

  • CMYK Printing Process (Made from FOUR Colors).
  • PMS Printing Process (A Million Shades and Colors).
  • RGB and HEX (On-screen) Printing Process.

CMYK Printing Process:

CMYK printing process contains four colors Cyan, Magenta, Black, and Yellow. The rest of the colors are made from these four colors with shades. This printing process used on wholesale orders. Because large cylinders are used for per color, which prints on the custom soap packaging.


CMYK printing process is cheaper than another printing process. Because on a wholesale order, the one cylinder is used per color.


The CMYK printing process is costly for short order custom soap boxes. Because the color cylinders don’t get used by other colors. The company has to make a new cylinder for a separate color.

PMS Printing Process:

PMS printing process is a digital type of printing process for custom soap box packaging. The PMS printing used in digital printers, which in addition, provide a million shades of a single color.


The Custom Box companies provide their customers a million shades of million colors so that the customer can choose the best ever colors for their custom soap boxes.


PMS Printing processes the costliest printing process ever. Because using multiple colors can cost more than a single color, and the ink used for the PMS printing process is costly too.

RGB and HEX On-Screen Printing Process:

RGB and HEX are on screen printing processes. However, RGB is the decimal figure of computer colors, and HEX is the HASH code for the computer colors. Mostly, this printing process is used to make an on-screen model of the custom soap boxes so that the customers can select the best box types for their soap brands.

Types of Custom Boxes for Soaps and Detergents:

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Packages are designed in multiple ways. However, there are many types of custom packaging that are used for soapboxes. For instance, the categories of custom boxes are:

  • Tuck-End
  • Sleeve
  • Two-Piece
  • Pillow
  • Mailer

Tuck-end Boxes and its Sub-set Tuck End Boxes:

Tuck end boxes made from Kraft and Cardstock. Therefore, these types of packaging came in tower, bottom, coaled Mail letter box’s forms.

These designed to maintain the soaps inside them. In conclusion, which the tuck end box’s corners made from a rigid material.

The sub-categories of tuck-end, front tuck end, reverse tuck end or auto-lock tuck end boxes, and the chain goes on.

Sleeve Boxes:

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Sleeve packaging manufactured for fancy styling. For instance, the colorful sleeve opens the colorful soaps. Additionally, the color of sleeve boxes resembles the colors of the products, which makes it fancier even more.

Two-Piece Boxes:

This type of boxes used for large soaps or a bundle of monthly soaps. This contains a four rigid corner rectangular shape upon another four rigid corners rectangular shape. Most commonly, this technique used on sales offers, such as by-one-get-two free types of offers.

Pillow Boxes:

Pillow boxes are the best ever type of soaps. Because it came in a variety of soaps and detergents. There are different shapes and sizes of pillow ones related to the colorful and non-colorful products.

Mailer Boxes:

Multiple soaps can keep in mailer boxes because mailer boxes have a bottom rectangular shape/more like a shirked cube. These custom mailer boxes used for a mixed parcel of the products, which came in saving packs, etc.

Additional Decoration for Custom Soap Box Packaging/ ADDONS:

Addons are unique techniques according to marketing strategies. Because using addons helps a lot by the customers in selecting the best ever soap for their personal/private usage.

There some types of add-ons mentioned below:

  • Custom Window Cut Boxes
  • PVC and CPVC Sheet Boxes
  • Embossing and Debossing on Boxes
  • Foiling Paper for Custom box Packaging

Custom Window Cut and PVC Sheet Boxes:

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Window cut used on all the custom box categories. Therefore, these used on whatever side of the soapboxes mentioned by the customer’s choice. Meanwhile, the use of PVC and CPVC sheets will help the customers to take a sneak peek on the products from outside of the boxes.

Embossing and Debossing Techniques on these Boxes:

Embossing and Debossing used for decorating the soapboxes by the logo of the company or the name of the company or even both of them.

However, the embossing technique helps in raising the texture or logo on the product packaging boxes, and the debossing technique helps in recessed the texture or logo on the product’s packaging boxes.

Foiling Paper on Packaging Boxes:

The foiling paper came in multiple colors, which used to make the texture and the logo or the whole soapbox sparkling. However, this approach helps the customers to attract towards the products.


All of these approaches will help the soap making companies to target the audience in the market.