How Valorant MMR Works

Valorant as you may know is a relatively new FPS shooter on the market. Developed by Riot Games, Valorant’s April beta took the world by storm. With hints of Overwatch and Counter-Strike, Valorant marked itself as a new fresh game available to all. It was fully released on June 2nd, 2020, and was quickly taking players away from competing FPS games. The game operates similar to that of Counter-Strike, with the objective for the attacking side to plant a spike that will blow up after a certain amount of time. The defending team’s on the other hand must stop the attackers from completing their objective. The agents and abilities in the game are similar to that of Overwatch, as well as the art style, featuring a cartoonish fantastical style.

What is Valorant MMR?

Valorant MMR or Matchmaking Rank is the determining factor for your in-game rank. The Valorant in-game ranks range from Iron to Radiant as follows:

  • Iron
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Immortal
  • Radiant

Usually, the higher one’s Valorant MMR is, the higher one’s rank is. However, this is not always the case, a player’s MMR could be ranked at diamond, while the actual rank of the player is platinum. In this case, that platinum player would queue up with higher-ranked players that are around diamond level, even if their actual rank is only platinum.

How to tell your Valorant Matchmaking Rank

A good indication of your Valorant matchmaking rank is your actual rank relative to the players that you’re queuing against with. For example, if you’re a diamond player and you’re queuing up with and against immortal players, your Valorant MMR is probably higher than your actual rank. With a higher Valorant MMR, you’ll have an easier time ranking up as you’re playing against higher ranked competition. In contrast, players with a lower Valorant MMR may be diamond rank, playing against platinum players. To check for your approximate Valorant Matchmaking check for your relative rank against your opponents. If your rank is above those you’re playing with you likely have a low matchmaking rank, if your rank is lower than those you’re playing with you most probably have a higher matchmaking rank.

How to Increase your Valorant Matchmaking Rank

If you want to increase your Valorant Matchmaking Rank, you’ll want to improve your Valorant skills as a whole. Valorant combines teamwork with individual skills. Working together with your team as well as honing your abilities will allow you to improve and increase your rank easily. Here are some general tips to improve your gameplay.

  • Improve your Aim:
    • As you play and rank up, you’ll start to notice that the innate aim of your opponents and your teammates are better than that of low ranks. The Aim is one of the most important aspects of any FPS game. Improving your flicking abilities and your tracking, killing enemies will be easier.
  • Attain Proper Crosshair Placement:
    • Crosshair placement is important in Valorant! Keeping the crosshair at head level at all times will make it easier to kill opponents. This will decrease the time to kill which in turn will decrease the amount of damage you’ll take when initiating a fight.
  • Learn how to Counter-Strafe:
    • Counter-strafing is a difficult concept. Essentially you’re compensating with keystrokes to come to a full stop before shooting. Coming to a full stop before shooting will allow you to be the most accurate. Shooting while moving in Valorant is inaccurate and inefficient, most of your gunfights should take place when your character is fully stopped. To counter-strafe, you’ll want to hold down the key associated with the direction that you want to move. If you want to move right hold down the D key. If you want to move left, hold down the A key. Once you’re ready to stop you want to let go of the key you’re holding down and quickly tap the opposite key. If you’re holding down the D key, tap the A key to counter-strafe. If you hold down the A key, tap the D key. Once you’ve tapped the opposite button, commence shooting and your shots should be accurate and line up.
  • Learn Spray Control:
    • Spraying is another necessity in Valorant. Each gun has a general spray pattern with a bit of variance every time you shoot the gun. By memorizing the spray patterns for each gun, pulling off quick spray transfers from opponent to opponent will be much easier. Controlling your spray will also make it easier to kill enemies assuming you miss your initial shots on them.
  • Learn your Utilities
    • Utilities are one of the most important aspects of team FPS games. The use of utilities can make you a better team player, and will surely work on your individual abilities. Learning useful smokes, walls, arrows, flashes, etc depending on your character will not only make you self-sufficient but will also allow you to coordinate your skills with your teammates. That will help you to attack or defend easily in general. We suggest you also to follow gaming sites like where you will be able to find even more tips for this specific game and many others!
  • Learn the Maps:
    • Learning the maps and the callouts associated with each map is extremely important if you want to improve your Valorant matchmaking rank. This will allow you not only to call out the correct spots for your team but also give them better and more precise information about the enemy team location. Learning the map and callouts will also enable you to figure out the commonly played sports by certain characters. Knowing the spots that players are playing will make it easier to pre-aim and pre-fire. These techniques result in an improved game sense that will make you a better player as a whole.


Valorant MMR is a simple concept that defines the skill of a player. If you’re looking to improve your MMR you’ll have to practice the essential skills of aim, map knowledge, and utility. In addition, you may want to visit, a place where you can increase your Valorant MMR without going through the hassle of learning all the maps and utilities. They provide efficient Valorant boosting services. You may also want to check out the website if you’re interested in other in-game information such as a guide on Icebox and other Valorant guides. There you will also find information and help for other games such as Destiny 2, World of Warcraft, Apex Legends, Overwatch, and many more.