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How Top Celebrities Have Invested Smart And Increased Their Net Worth

Celebrities are in a unique position because they make a lot of money to do jobs that we would all love to do. Some celebrities only work to make a salary from a movie or a concert tour, but other celebrities invest their money very well. There are some tips below that explain how you can invest just like these celebrities. You might not have as much money as they do, but you can change your financial future.


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Beyoncé has done a good job of working hard and making money from a lot of different things that she does. She makes music, has made movies, and she tours. However, she and her husband also invest their money. If you add Jay-Z’s income to Beyoncé, they are invested in the NBA because they own a portion of the Brooklyn Nets. Jay-Z owns a clothing company, and he runs a record label.

This power couple has made a lot of money because they made wise investments. Plus, they are investing in charities that help kids in America and overseas. Wire transfers can save you a ton of paperwork and ensure you rest easy. Learn more about safe fund transfers just like what Beyoncé and Jay-Z used to fund many of their charitable contributions overseas. Plus, you will see that some celebrities have business interests overseas that they can have fun quickly through a money transfer.


Ellen DeGeneres has been investing in real estate for a long time. She makes money from her talk show, and she has long been a touring comedienne. However, she has been buying and flipping real estate in Los Angeles for years. She was able to grow her wealth outside of TV and entertainment because she knows that she cannot be on TV forever.

Some people who want to invest in real estate could do as well as Ellen has. You do not need to buy million-dollar homes in LA, but you can flip condos or houses in your own community. When you are making extra money, you can retire on this income because people always need a place to live.

Some people might invest in a friend’s real estate company, or you could split the investment costs for your first property.

George Clooney

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George Clooney is one of the most popular wine brands on the planet. He was able to attach his name to a wine brand that started making money instantly, and the public has seen him in fewer films because he has focused on his wine business. He is creating a business for his family, and he may be able to hand this business down to his children in the future.

Plus, running a winery is a lifestyle change that seems to have been good for Clooney. You may not have the money to buy a winery, but you can start growing food that you sell at a farmer’s market. You might want to set up a cart near your home, or you could start making specialty food items. You do not have the name recognition of George Clooney, but you can change your life when you have another business that makes money.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba founded The Honest Company because she wanted to make a better world for her two daughters. She has not stopped acting, but she has made a lifestyle change by creating a business with the money that she made as a celebrity. Because of this, she has also created a brand that helps moms and families keep organic and safe cleaning products in their homes.

You do not need to invest in a new company, but you might want to start making products that provide a better world for your children. Your children might have a business that they can manage in the future, and you might make your home a healthier place to live while making extra money.

Fifty Cent

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Fifty Cent has long been a part of the Vitamin Water family, and he has invested quite a lot of money in the business. Vitamin Water is a very popular beverage, and he made money when the company sold for a large amount. Even so, he still owns a part of the business. Fifty Cent also produces TV shows and movies. You might have watched something that Fifty Cent produced without knowing it.

His side business has taken the place of music for the time being, but he can go back to music at any time. If you want to invest your money in a local business, you will receive a dividend every year. You could help someone else grow a business, and you can keep your regular job.

Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher was able to stop acting so that he could work on sex trafficking and found a nonprofit. However, he also invested in an investment company that was able to double his money several times over. He is a very astute investor, and he could remain with his investment for as long as he wants.

Investing in the stock market is a good way to find stocks that will grow over time. You can invest now for the future, and you might be able to invest in your retirement now. There are several places in the stock market that you can invest including commodities, bonds, and currencies. You might hire a broker who can help you with these investments, and you can make money just like celebrities do.


You can use the celebrities listed above as examples for your own investments and life changes. Some like Ashton Kutcher has been able to invest with great success, and people like Beyoncé and Jay-Z have used their money to invest in businesses. You should send you money to the places that you are most interested in. You can invest in a local company that you believe in, or you could invest in a small company that you started on your own.