How to Write a Thematic Essay

Thematic essay writing is one of the most exciting yet highly daunted tasks under essay writing. It entails the application of various literary techniques such as imagery, which most students do not understand. Therefore, it is no surprise that essay writing is not every student’s cup of tea. When writing a thematic essay, a writer is expected to develop a primary topic in the literature using various literary devices like imagery, personification, and foreshadowing. So, a writer must look at two aspects of these tasks. One is the theme they want that has to be under literature, and two is the application of a literary device.

These literature devices take students back to their literature and poetry classes when they learned these devices. However, since most students do not sit well with literature devices, you will find them hiring services like Acemyhomework to write their thematic essays. It is not a wrong approach since students get to save time and get a thematic essay worth an A grade. However, regardless of whether students have professional online homework helpers, they must understand the process of writing an essay. In this article, we will provide detailed steps on how to write a thematic paper.

Step One: Choose Your Topic

It has been said time again that the topic you choose dictates your grade. This is true because if you choose a relevant topic and nail it, you will be able to get excellent grades. However, if you select an inappropriate issue, the chances of passing these tasks reduce significantly. If you are looking for a thematic essay topic, always start by brainstorming ideas, penning them down, and looking at how they integrate with literature. The theme still has to include one literary device, such as imagery. If not, the item does not meet the purpose of a thematic piece. Here are examples of essay topics that can guide how you develop such items:

  • The view of John Steinbeck about isolation and loneliness in Mice and Men
  • The viewpoints of F. Scott Fitzgerald about the American Dream in The Great Gatsby
  • The major single-parenting issues faced in today’s society

Step Two: Research

Research is a critical step in thematic essay writing because of three things. It helps the writer understand what the prompt or theme requires, understand what information to collect, and comprehend the audience. The research will give the writer insight into what the item is asking for in the piece. Thus, the writer has a clear picture of what direction to take. Secondly, research helps the writer to gather accurate and relevant information.

Let us use this topic: The view of John Steinbeck about isolation and loneliness in Mice and Men. Conducting research will help the writer to acquire information that helps them prove the various viewpoints of John Steinbeck about isolation and loneliness in Mice and Men. Research also helps with comprehending the audience. The audience plays a significant role in essay writing. If a student disregards their opinions and beliefs, they might not do an excellent job of convincing them about a particular view. Thus, understand what your readers’ views are about the theme before you pen down your ideas. However, if you’ve ever been in a situation where you needed others to create your essay and couldn’t find the solution, next time, note that DoMyEssay will be there for you. If you hear about them for the first time, you can check out do my essays review, where thousands of students evaluate their professional work. Consumers’ honest reviews can make you sure why you should trust their experts.

Step Three: Developing the Outline

If you want to make your essay writing process less challenging, then create an outline first. The overview will help you know how you will structure your work as well as the points you will use in your writing. One thing students need to know is that most thematic essays use the 5 paragraph structure. It means that the final paper will be quite long and comprehensive. So, do not think at any point that creating an outline is wasting time. Instead, it is in the real sense of time-saving because it allows you to correctly plot where to discuss each point and how to justify it.

Step Four: Write the Introduction

The thematic essay introduction is the part that presents the central theme in an appealing way. Therefore, it must begin with a hook sentence capable of grabbing the reader’s attention. If it is not well delivered or does not make sense, then the chances are that you will not win your readers’ attention. This part includes brief and necessary background information about the subject to help the reader understand why you chose that theme. The last statement in the introduction should be a thesis statement, telling the reader precisely what the essay is all about.

Step Five: Write the Body Paragraphs

The body paragraphs are the sections that carry the discussion of your essay. Each paragraph in the essay must be used to discuss one point. The point should be the first sentence in the section. Other people may refer to is at the topic sentence. After indicating the topic sentence, the students have to back it up with at least three concrete points. In the case of a thematic paper, the writer has to use a literary device as evidence. This is one thing that most students tend to overlook. Another thing is that the literary device that they mention in their topic sentence also has to have a link to literature. If not, then they do not meet the purpose of writing a thematic essay.

Step Six: Write Your Conclusion

The thematic essay conclusion restates the thesis statement and summarizes all the discussions. However, students still fail in this section, especially when restating their thesis. When you are restating the thesis, ensure that you phrase it differently from how it appears in the introduction. Please do not copy it word for word since it will lead to repetition. After you summarize the discussions, ensure that you leave your audience with another hook. Let them always remember your writing as well as develop an interest to research more on the theme.

It is quite easy to write an essay if you follow these steps to the latter. They will help you compile an effective thematic essay more naturally and quickly.

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