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How to Write a Resignation Letter?

In the life of every employee, especially who used to work in private organization, there comes a day when he decides to quit his job for various reasons such as for payment issues, health issue, personal issues, family problems, migration from one state to another, etc. There is a very limited person in the world who has not changed his job in his entire career. But when it comes quitting the job the first thing that you have to do is to inform your employer about your decision.

Most companies give you the terms and condition that you have to give a notice period for a specific period of time before quitting your present job. Under such condition, you are bound to give prior notice to the employer so that they can recruitment a suitable candidate in your replacement. The terms and conditions are generally mentioned in the appointment letter or offer letter and you should confirm that terms before resigning from the post.

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However, there may be some situation when it becomes important to resign from the post immediately and you do not have that much of time which is mentioned in the resignation letter. During that time you should tell your employer frankly about your condition. But you have to give a very strong reason in such case and when the condition is really critical it is seen that most employers allow the employee to leave before the specified date.

Writing a resignation letter is not that easy as you have to use the right words and right tone in this kind of letter. Hence, it is mostly seen that people do not feel very comfortable in writing the resignation letter. It is also a very emotional matter for many employees. So we have come up with a template of resignation letter. But if you want to check some more templates and samples then you can get it here on From the below template, you can now determine how to write a resignation letter.

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<Employee’s Name>
<Employee’s Address>
<Employee’s Ph. No.>
< Employee’s Email ID>

<Boss’s Name>
< Boss’s Designation>

Subject: Resigning from the post of <Employee’s position>
Dear Mr. <Last/First name of your Boss>,
Please consider this letter as a formal notice of my resignation from the post of due to effective from 1st June 2019.
I would like to appreciate the opportunities, guidance, and support that you had given me over the last four years. I would be very happy if I could have assisted you in this transition period or if necessary it will be available for training the person who will be recruited in my replacement. Please do let me know in case I can be of any help.
I would like to thank you and the company for supporting me and giving me ample opportunities to shine in life. I wish all the best to the company in the future. Please consider and accept my notice of resignation.
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Yours Sincerely,Resignation is a process that every employer and employee should go through and there is no need to be too emotional or use the harsh word over it. It is always important to know how to write an impressive resignation letter since this situation can also come in your life when it becomes necessary to quit the job. So, if such a situation arises remember that you have to write the resignation letter in such a way that it does not offend your employer.

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