4 Tips And Tricks On How To Win A Car Accident Case


Car accidents can be fatal and cause significant financial losses and physical injuries. A motor accident has substantial economic implications. Firstly, any collision damages the car parts. Repairing and restoring the car involves a high cost. Secondly, the passengers need medical treatment, and if the injuries are severe, the medical bills can burn a hole in the pocket.

Car crashes also involve an opportunity cost; when a passenger is injured, he cannot work or study for weeks or months. Hence, the time spent in recovery deprives him of many opportunities in life. Therefore, if another driver causes the accident, the accident victim can claim monetary compensation from the perpetrator’s insurance company.

Most people involved in a crash are confused about the steps they should take to win a car accident case. They can click here to learn more about the appropriate steps to take.

When Can People Win A Motor Accident Case

When The Other Driver Was Drunk Or Sleep Deprived

Drinking and driving is one leading cause of accidents. When people are under the influence of alcohol or sleep-deprived, they have less control over their motor functions, increasing the probability of an accident. Most countries of the world prohibit driving when drunk. When an intoxicated or sleep-deprived person causes an accident, the liability falls on him to pay monetary compensation to all the people hurt in the incident.

Not Following Traffic Rules

When a party does not follow traffic rules, the chances of a crash increase. Not stopping at traffic signals, violating speed limits, and driving in the wrong lane is reckless behavior on the part of a driver. If a driver is careless, then it becomes easy for the other party to get monetary compensation from him. Loewy Law Firm specializes in helping individuals who have suffered personal injuries due to the negligence of others, and can provide the legal support needed to help clients receive the compensation they deserve.

Road Rage And Other Distractions

In cases of road rage, a vehicle might try to outspeed or purposely damage another vehicle. Again, being distracted while being at the wheel, like talking on the phone or typing messages, increases the chances of a mishap. Being distracted while being at the wheel also makes a person liable for losing a car accident case.

Some Tricks And Tips To Increase The Chances Of Winning A Car Accident Case

Being Cool Headed Right After The Incident

Most people panic right after a collision; some people flee the spot even if it is not their fault. Hence, people need to be calm; if they are not severely injured, they should first go to the hospital and inform the police by filing an FIR(first information report) mentioning the vehicle’s model, color, and number plate details. The first medical checkup and the first information report to the cops are crucial as it directly links the injuries to the accident. Hence, the other party cannot escape citing pre-existing injuries.

Collecting And Preserving Evidence

The extent of damage to the car can be judged from photographs or the amount of repair work that goes into restoring the vehicle. Hence, clicking proper pictures and preserving garage bills will help win a case and get fair compensation.

All the medical bills, including the bills for the money paid on follow-up visits, should be preserved as evidence. All medical reports and prescriptions of the doctors who have been consulted post the incident are crucial in proving the extent of the damage. If an incident requires a medical consultation or a physiotherapy session even after a year of the accident, it reflects the seriousness of the injury.

Being Careful To Avoid Unintentional Errors

At times unintentional errors like delay in filling forms for no-fault-benefits etc. can deprive people of getting benefits. Some states have a limited time period after the incident within which a lawsuit is to be filed. For many US states, this duration is three years from the date of the accident. Hence if someone fails to file a case within the stipulated time, they may lose a chance of getting any monetary compensation.

Again, speaking to the press and sharing details of the incident on social media can lower the chances of winning a case. The opposite party will closely monitor the statements; any mistake can reduce the chances of winning.

It is crucial to follow the doctor’s advice. For instance, if the doctor has advised using a walking stick for six months, the person should not be spotted in public without a walking stick before that. The other party will keep a close eye, and they may claim that the injuries are minor.

Hiring A Car Accident Attorney

An attorney will guide you through the legal process and ensure that a strong case is presented before the judges. Most people will be part of a car crash once in their lifetimes, but an attorney handles several such cases throughout his career. Also, it is important, to be honest with the attorney.

If a client has to be honest with essential details like a pre-existing medical condition or the condition of the vehicle prior to the crash. The client should help the attorney with all possible sources of evidence like names or contact details of witnesses etc. If the attorney is kept in the dark, in that case he will not be able to draft a watertight case. The other party’s attorney or their insurance company will definitely take advantage of the loopholes in the case.


Major accidents like car crashes have substantial financial implications. Most vehicles are purchased by taking a loan from a financial institution. If a vehicle gets damaged in a car, then the vehicle may become useless, but the loan installments still have to be paid. If the car has met with an accident, then renewal of insurance may become costly as the vehicle might lose some of its functionality in the crash.

Thus, getting monetary compensation from the other party can significantly lessen the car owner’s hassles. Hence it is essential to preserve evidence, be cautious, and hire a good lawyer to win the case.